Wingd uses positive journalism, creative thinkers and innovative technology to make knowledge go viral and tell stories no one else tells. Our primary goal is to promote innovative, creative, objective and solution-focused content in the digital space, and offer our millennial audience a platform free of subjective mainstream media content.  

What we do

  • We promote positive journalism through our award winning blog. 
  • We publish magazines and have our first book publication. 
  • We merchandise and sell our products on our online store. 
  • We create podcasts that further promote our goal to create stimulating content online. 
  • We have a mobile app.
  • We think, innovate and empower. 

Whatever they say young people aren’t motivated enough to do, we do it.” – The Wingd team 

What we want

  • We want to bring positive journalism to mainstream media. 
  • We want to encourage millennials to innovate. 
  • We want to encourage activism.  
  • We want to make knowledge go viral. 
  • Above all else, we want to lead a better tomorrow. 


The Wingd Podcast was created to continue to share rich and stimulating content online, as well as promote the stories and inventions of people that want to make the world a better place. The aim of this podcast is to highlight informative content that will encourage our millennial audience to continue to think, innovate and empower.

Contact us

If you agree with our goals for our podcast and for the internet at large, we’d like to hear from you.

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