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Consulting Agency

We offer smart digital adoption techniques, strategic planning, risk management and growth intelligence strategies to businesses looking to scale efficiently.

Media Platform

We curate refined content on the internet by avoiding the noise and delivering only relevant content via our award-winning blog, podcast, video and print platforms.

Innovative Technology

We work alongside skilled and passionate programmers adept in new technology language and gadgets to develop innovative digitized solutions to new gen. problems.

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Wingd is an agency made up of educated and multi-talented forward-thinkers with an aim to solve some of the toughest challenges faced in B2B and B2C market spheres via strategic planning, risk management tactics and growth intelligence strategies.

This is achieved by offering expertise, analyzing trends, collaborating with digital media influencers, extensive planning, adopting the most innovative technology and holistic approach to new ideas.

wingd team
wingd team

The Wingd Team


Our fully equipped team offer extensive digital expertise. We understand that there is always hesitation towards the "new" and so our goal has always been to offer innovative ideas in the most cost-effective and  risk averse way possible. Our team is made up of creative, business savvy, marketing and technology experts.  

Why work with Wingd on Growth Marketing Strategies?

A growth marketer is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable [...] While traditional marketing chases vague notions like “branding” and “mind share,” growth marketers relentlessly pursue users and growth — and when they do it right, those users beget more users, who beget more users. 

Ryan Holiday, Editor-at-Large The New York Observer

Growth Marketing (aka Growth Hacking) is the process and mindset of searching for ways that your product can grow. It’s kind of like a mix between engineering and marketing. The key is to find untapped channels of customers that are motivated to use your product.

Dan Martell, Founder of Clarity

The power of a growth marketer is in their obsessive focus on a singular goal. By ignoring almost everything, they can achieve the one task that matters most early on - "growth".

Neil Patel, Founder of Quick Sprout

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