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We offer smart digital adoption techniques and cost-effective web marketing strategies for businesses and companies interested in targeting the millennial market.

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We curate smart and solutions-driven content on the internet via our award-winning blog, podcast, video and print platforms. The goal is to promote positive journalism.

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We work alongside talented young coders adept in new technology language and gadgets to develop innovative technology that'll offer smart content on the internet.

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Wingd is an agency made up of educated and multi-talented millennials with an aim to accelerate the shift from mainstream media and traditional content creation tactics towards dominating digital space with intellectually crafted content.

This is achieved by offering expertise, analyzing trends, collaborating with millennial influencers, providing creative input, planning, and incorporating the most innovative technology into new ideas.

Ultimately, Wingd uses positive journalism, creative thinkers and innovative technology to make knowledge go viral and tell stories no one else tells.

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The Wingd Team


Our fully equipped team offer expertise in targeting the millennial demographic. Over the past few years, this demographic has proved somewhat of a challenge to media companies and several other businesses.

It is imperative that millennials are carefully considered as new ideas are being formulated both online and within a business mandate. This is because millennials will begin to occupy the bulk of the digital market consumers as a result of gradual generational shift.

Our goal as a team is to offer advice and create niche content catered to millennials but to also highlight their capabilities in leading a better world in the future in synergy with advancing technology. 

Why Invest Responsibly in Millennials? 

As the Millennial generation begins to move into the executive space, they will be looking more at a trusted colleague to find what they need, not merely more video, interactive tools, or “cool” social experiences. Personal touch points are key, but business content still must provide real insight and inspiration versus blatant product marketing. That point will never change.

Heather Taylor, The Economist’s Director of Content Strategy

Focus on providing a personal experience that resonates with your target market. A millennial’s brand affinity lies in engagement – 62% of millennials say they are likely to remain loyal customers through consistent engagement with a brand.

Social Media Today

Keep in mind that 57% of millennials block ad content because it is too pushy. We’re doing a lot of self-education and prefer it that way. We’re used to on-demand info. We’re skeptical, critical thinkers. We’re into transparency, and we want personalized experiences.

Alex Rynne, Linkedin Associate Content Marketing Manager

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