About Wingd

Wingd is a multimedia company that was launched in 2013 to promote positive and constructive journalism. The two founders behind the creation of Wingd are Zainab Muse and David Ebere. The goal of the company is to promote innovative, creative, objective and solution-focused content in the digital space, and offer its millennial audience a platform free of subjective mainstream media content.  



Co-founder, COO

Co-founder, CTO

Sales & Marketing

Jimmy Lau

Marketing Intern

Anjali Ramburn

Director, Public Relations

Media & Communications

Paroma Datta

Director, Media & Communications


Gloria Charles-Pierre

Content Manager 

Sam Lehman

Magazine Lead Editor & Writer

Soumi Ghosh

Science & Tech Lead Editor

Noor Ahmad

Wingdsolve Ambassador

Claire Leniussen

Wingdsolve Ambassador

Daniel Effah

Magazine Creative Director

Felixe Denson

Magazine Creative Assistant

Shuyi Yang

Graphics Designer

Navita Patel

Science & Tech Writer

Lorietta Muse

Fashion Editor & Writer

Rachel Belanger

Food Blogger

Sarah Khalid


Boris Nz

French Writer

Amulya Gururaj

Mobile Tech