Creation Story

Our Creation Story

Back in 2013, while in undergrad at the University of Ottawa, Zainab & David got the idea to create Wingd – a platform that disseminates rich and informative content online. The goal was to brand Wingd into a media company for positive journalism using creative thinkers and innovative technology to make knowledge go viral. 

Wingd initially launched as a blogging platform to collate and disseminate informative and constructive content to its audience. However, after the team expanded from 2 to 15, Zainab & David knew it was time to grow the blog and transform it into a media company, so the blog was converted into an open platform made up of global contributors as opposed to only staff writers. In late 2015, the Wingd blog received silver for best blog in Canada by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards. This validation for the founders meant that Wingd was getting heard and so by 2016 it had shifted to print with its first book that focused on youth collaboration, a budding podcast hosted by the two founders themselves that features interviews with entrepreneurs sharing their experience with aspiring young entrepreneurs and advice from Zainab & David on leading successful ventures that promote innovation, as well as other projects in the works for 2017 that include a brand merchandise e-store, a global awareness magazine series that focuses on the stories of regular people leading extraordinary achievements, a non-profit that encourages young people to solve some of the world’s toughest problems today, and events & panel discussions that will raise discourse on the mandate of Wingd to highlight the relevance of positive journalism and a society that invests in its young people to consume more intellectual content online. Furthermore, Wingd continues to build on its more technological aspects in prospective years as well working with new technology to disseminate its content. 

The company is constantly evolving with an overall goal to be one of the major media companies in the world promoting positive journalism. The company’s name represents the ability to get wings to fly – cliché we know – but in its simplicity, getting ‘wingd’ means knowing and recognizing that there is no box, this box is only a myth. You can invent and create way beyond what you think you can. For us, this invention is our media company.