One day, few years ago I was walking down the street of St Catherine, Montreal, I pass by a David’s tea and I see this lady holding a tray of already brewed sample teas. She  asked if i wanted to taste one. On this very day people, I discovered the amazing tea called matcha. I didn’t buy it immediately for reasons I can’t remember but let’s move forward to the present day where I can’t go a day without a morning without my matcha and I mean it. If you follow me on Instagram you would definitely suffer the wrath of my matcha obsession.

With that being said what some people see as “ughhhh what is that green stuff”, I see as delicious yummy green goodness. And I do not say that lightly. Ever go on your favourite Instagram fitness inspirations and see most of them all about their matcha.

Matcha is like superman for your body.. Destroys your bloats, indigestion and saves your body with its antioxidant properties. Tell me you don’t love it already?


Morning Cuppa Matcha

Here are some more reasons why you and I should all love matcha all so muchÈ

i) Matcha has amazing antioxidants benefits. For those who don’t know, antioxidants are what take care of the free O2 radicals in your body, therefore preventing you from disease and toxicity.

ii) Matcha boosts your metabolism and burns calories; this is self explanatory as the faster your metabolism is the more you torch the calories and fat cells.

iii) Detoxifies your system

iv) Matcha is rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins

v) It enhances your mood and concentration

vi) Lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar

Above it all matcha is a yummy, delicious drink that can be made either cold or hot. There are also various types of matcha; my new favourite matcha is the kale matcha, which is the infusion of two super-foods (kale + matcha) but there is a lot more like the mint matcha ( for mint lovers), vanilla matcha, peach matcha, even pumpkin pie matcha. You can have it all  when it comes to matcha. I mean that literary because unlike regular teas that you steep and get some parts of the benefits, when it comes to matcha, you are getting the whole leaves worth of goodness.

With that being said, the next time you go for tea with your buddy, why not try matcha instead, they are also made into lattes, and you can get them iced for hot sunny days.

Feel free to share your experience and let me know how it goes.