Festival of India, Ottawa (FIO) is a multi-cultural festival designed to share the culture and heritage of Canadians of Indian origin with the rest of Canada.

Here are 10 Reasons why #Ottawans should attend Festival of India, Ottawa!

Photo taken by Smiles Events Photography.

10 – In celebration of #Canada150, Festival of India, Ottawa proudly announced that this year everyone will get: FREE ADMISSION. Yes, you heard it right!

9 – This festival takes place at Ottawa City Hall, where bus routes and underground parking is made easily accessible to the general public. Rest-assured, you will attend the festival stress-free in regards to transportation facilities.

8 – They teach you how to cook, how to dance an authentic cultural dance from India, how to wear a traditional Indian outfit, and so much more. You will not have a single dull moment at this festival, guaranteed!

7 – Festival of India, Ottawa is designed for people of all age groups. So you will no doubt feel included at this festival!

6 – This festival showcases live music and performances from both renown Indian artists with international fame as well as the local talents we have right here in Canada’s Capital because #WeLoveOttawa and #OttawaTalent!

5 – India is a pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society, consisting of 29 states and 7 union territories. Festival of India, Ottawa is proud to present #Ottawa with six Indian Cultural Exhibitions, namely: Gujarat, Bengal, Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha and Spices of India.

4 – Festival of India, Ottawa is run solely by volunteers – a little over 300 to be precise! The FIO Team definitely exudes unparalleled passion and determination in their quest to bring the community together!

3 – Festival of India, Ottawa is hosting its annual Panel of Discussion again! The topic this year is “Open Societies are the Future” with Dr. Runte and Professor Nanduri leading the discussion at the Jean Pigott Hall on Saturday 12th, August.

2 – Food tents featuring the different cuisine from the Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western regions of India will be prepared onsite by almost 100 volunteers and served for the crowds to enjoy. “That’s the big draw because I think no other festival of this magnitude prepares all the food onsite for this many people,” said Bala Brahmanandam Madaparthi, president of Festival of India, Ottawa.

1 – In light of the #Canada150 anniversary, Festival of India, Ottawa also joined hands in this nation-wide celebration and launched a project in 2017 called the Canada 150/150 Project. In design, this project invites Canadians to get involved by signing-up as a “host” or a “guest” via their online registration form found on their website: http://www.festivalofindiaottawa.org/canada150/ and enjoy a cultural exchange. The aim of this project is to promote intercultural connectivity through greater positive interaction between the diverse Canadian cultures by bringing together 150 hosts and guests.

Photo taken by Anjali Ramburn (@anjaliramburnphotography).

What are you waiting for? Come celebrate Canada’s 150th the Indian Way!

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