As digital media evolve, so does the type of content that appears on one of its most used channels, social media. There are billions of people connected today via social media thus creating a global digital hub of people from all around the world irrespective of distance. It has since become clear that communicating to the world’s population in an instant is most effective over social media. This is the sentiment and formula that is agreed upon by world leaders, and the select few that want to make the world a better place. The latter includes positive influencers, motivational speakers and inspirational entrepreneurs. It is for this reason that social media not only serve as a space for content dump but a platform to be used to seek out stimulating dialogue on things that matter. There are especially three social media influencers that use their channels for the right reasons, especially to motivate and empower millennials of today. These must-follow inspirational profiles on social media are Jay Shetty, Prince Ea and Nathan Chan.

1. Jay Shetty

digital monk
Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a self-proclaimed motivational & lifestyle vlogger, presenter and former monk – or so does the moniker on his website read. Jay Shetty is more than his self-proclamation, he brings thought-provoking ideas to millennials using the one channel that is unlike any other currently used today to connect and network – social media. So it is appropriate that his website also describes him as, “Jay is Silicon Valley meets human consciousness. He brings together the millennial, the meditation and the media.”

He is from London, UK, where he attended Business School and worked as a digital strategist for a global consulting firm. He also lived in India for a period of time as a monk, where I believe he obtained the meditative and thought-provoking style dialogue he uses to address his audience.

He is the king of Youtube with all of the cinematic style philosopher voice-over he uses in his videos but most importantly because he aims to bring positive change to the world through dialogue…through asking the right questions…and through awakening.

He now works in New York for HuffPost Rise, a segment associated with HuffPost to produce stimulating topics that engage people globally in order to solve life’s biggest challenges.

One of my favourite videos by Jay Shetty is titled, “Famous Failures before Success.” In this video, he discusses our ability to over romanticize the idea of success and inherently forget that failure and trials are only mere stepping stones and not end points. I write more on this subject matter in a previous article titled, “Becoming an Entrepreneur is not Easy.”

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2. Prince Ea

Richard Williams
Prince Ea aka Richard Williams

Prince Ea, also known as Richard Williams is the king of Facebook. He uses this medium to promote love and dialogue on positive change.

He was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri in the United States, where he also attended university and graduated with a BA in Anthropology. He self-identifies as a poet, filmmaker, and speaker.

With a love for Hip Hop, he started off his career in the music industry as a rapper. However, after going through that lifestyle and discovering it wasn’t for him, he self-taught and began to read old and modern texts on spirituality. He has now since combined both elements of music and spirituality teachings to express stimulating thoughts and ideas that engage his audience through formats such as rap, and spoken word.

Below is one of my favourite videos by Prince Ea titled, “I Just Sued the School System”, where he tasks the school system for limiting creativity and intellectual advancement.

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3. Nathan Chan 

Nathan Chan

Nathan Chan is a young entrepreneur whose big idea of bridging the gap between famous and successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Ariana Huffington with young aspiring entrepreneurs landed him a spot on this list. Nathan is the king of Instagram because he used this platform to grow his idea into an empire.

With periodic digital magazines, podcasts and various entrepreneurial courses and tips, Nathan Chan has not only provided access to famous founders but has without a doubt created the ultimate success story of how thoughts become things.

Originally from Australia, the creation story of Foundr, his digital magazine, started while Nathan was working a 9-5 job, where he got inspired due to a lack of content and access available on the creation stories of famous brands, entrepreneurs and products etc. So, he implemented Instagram to connect with his audience and today he has grown a globally recognized empire that congregates both successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, he now uses his Instagram channel to connect his audience with quotes that are meant to inspire and motivate. Some of my favourites are below.

foundr quote 14504733_1111181682262813_7765161585378590720_n 14240501_539779592878766_298091916_n

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