Before I begin this post, it is important to note the acute difference between plantains and bananas, as these two are often compared to mean the same thing. Plantains belong to the family of banana (aka genus Musa) but are more starchy, low in sugar and often cooked before consumption because they are not suitable raw. In addition, plantains are often used as vegetables and contain less moisture content at 65% while bananas are often used as fruits and contain more moisture content at about 83% (Grab ‘Em Snacks).


Nonetheless, their nutritional benefits are similar; they are both rich in carbohydrate, dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium, Vit. A & C, but are considerably low in proteins and fats (

Plantains are typically consumed by most people in West Africa and in the Caribbean Islands.

The simplest form of consuming bananas is to eat it raw, but this is not the case for plantains. It has been adapted into various recipes and can be used to make both sweet and savoury dishes. However, the three very simple forms of consuming plantains is to boil, fry or oven or grill roast them.

  • Boiled plantains

    Boiled Plantains. Picture adapted from ‘tastes like home’

This process simply involves cooking the plantain by peeling off its skin and boiling it in water in a saucepan. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how ripe or unripe the plantains are.  You can choose to season, or garnish as you wish once the plantains have been cooked.

  • Fried plantains

Fried plantains

Frying plantains in any oil of choice is another delicious way of enjoying this vegetable. Simply use a deep frier to allow for even and browning consistency of the plantains. It can be served as both a side dish or a main course.

  • Roasted plantains

bole nigeria
Roasted plantains

Another easy style of enjoying plantains is by roasting it. You can either use the broil option of your oven to achieve this or use an open grill in the summer time to achieve desired choice. All in all this is another delicious form of enjoying plantains.