I’m originally from Toronto and every so often, I hop on a train and make the 3 ½ to 4 hour train ride back home from Ottawa. I guess you could say I’m a VIA Rail expert (I have a member card and everything).

Recently, VIA Rail has implemented improvements (and are still working on some) to their trains and business that have been very effective. These include:

  1. Providing a more Canadian experience

VIA Rail is based in Canada and its important to the company that the meals you are eating on the train are locally produced and that the entertainment provided through their Wi-Fi is nationally produced.

  1. A Better Look

Some VIA Rail trains are slightly outdated, but the company is working on re-vamping their cars and replacing old seats. I saw this myself a couple of days ago; the economy cars are starting to look more like business ones!

  1. Providing more Seats per Car

There has also been a change to the way the seats are set up in the car to maximize the amount of people able to travel. This allows more flexibility on seat choice in the future.

  1. VIA Rail’s App

The app by Via Rail allows you to book tickets, sync your trips to your calendar, plan your meals and entertainment and customize your profile to suit your needs and wants. This allows for an easy trip for all passengers.

  1. More Direct Routes

VIA Rail is working on creating a railway between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Right now, for anyone who makes trips between these places, you know how many times you can end up stopping in small towns like Coburg, Smith Falls and Kingston, with this new railway, you will have a shorter, more direct trip.

As someone who really appreciates a company like VIA Rail that offers low rates for students and is the main source of transportation for me to visit home every so often, these changes and goals are great. It’s important for a company to update their services so that the customer is always happy, and with these changes being implemented, I only see the company becoming more successful in the future.

P.S. A hint for all the students out there looking to go on a train ride, check out VIA Rail’s website every Tuesday (when they post new low rates) for the most amazing deals.