Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness.  -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Forgiveness is a subject that is sometimes looked down upon by several people. Without-forgiveness-lifeUnforgiveness creates an endless cycle of grudge, hatred and malice, thereby, yielding negative consequences.  I was once in this boat but, over the years I began to understand how important it is to forgive. Now it is important to understand that forgiveness doesn’t just entail being merciful to others but, it also includes being merciful unto yourself. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 reasons why forgiveness is so powerful;

#1. Forgiveness keeps you at peace with yourself and man

Forgiveness doesn’t have to be a two way thing. Many people who have been wronged feel that it is by right that the wrong doer apologises for his/ her wrong doings. As a result of this, they choose to hold a grudge against such person. This keeps both parties entangled in the negative pit of malice, resentment and strife. But when there is forgiveness, the burden of that grudge is lifted and you see past the wrong that has been done (this creates inner peace).

Furthermore, forgiveness has the power to convict the wrong doer to seek pardon for their wrong doings. The end result is an environment of understanding in which both parties try to resolve their differences, thus, leading to peace.

#2. Forgiveness envelopes you in positivity

Let us sit back and think of how this is possible. If you are wronged by someone, a negative emotion (pain) is being the-difference-between-holding-on-1280x800-wisdom-quote-wallpaper-439-3068690161injected in you. Holding a grudge due to that wrong is another negative emotion that is being added.  Remember a negative emotion cannot strike out another negative emotion.  Nothing negative attracts anything positive. It is the law of nature.

Therefore, your only bet is to inject a positive attitude which in this case is forgiveness. Once that positive nature sets in, you experience healing. That pain due to hurt is no more and other positive attributes begin to add up in your life (e.g, in my experience love replaced that feeling of hurt and I began to enjoy life).

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#3 Forgiveness keeps you in health

Forgiveness itself is a healing potion. It keeps the mind free,peaceful and healthy. It releases burdens, it strengthens relationships and it creates a positive feeling about life. A feeble mind is a feeble body and a healthy mind is a healthy body. This is what forgiveness can do for you. Therefore, release and let go!!!

We achieve inner health only through forgiveness – the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves. 
 Joshua Loth Liebman 

#4 Forgiveness shows strength

Being merciful can be a very difficult thing to do especially for those who have been hurt really bad (i.e cheated in a relationship, lost a loved one, accused falsely e.t.c). It takes a lot of courage to forgive because the scar from the hurt may still be present all life long. Here’s one of my favorite quote;

Forgiveness takes intelligence, discipline, imagination, and persistence, as well as a special psychological strength, something athletes call mental toughness and warriors call courage― Edward M. Hallowell

#5. Forgiveness opens doors to opportunities

When drowning in so much pain be it caused by oneself or others, our sense of judgement is usually clouded that we mostly live in the now and fail to see possibilities for the future. Once we let go of that unforgiving nature, we experience benefits like love, happiness and fulfillment. So let’s do the math: A forgiving person is a peaceful person; A peaceful person is a  happy person; A happy person is a positive person.  A positive person only attracts positive things (health, vitality, prosperity e.t.c). Therefore, release and let go!!!

Final Words:

Whether you’ve been hurt either by your actions or in a relationship, at your place of work, school or community, you have the choice to be remain bitter or be happy and live life to its fullest. Remember forgiving others also creates the chance to be forgiven when you do wrong too (“They who forgive most shall be most forgiven”). Also, forgiving is not the same as repressing your feelings or just merely saying; “I have forgiven you but,  I never want to see or hear from you again.” It is simply releasing and letting go of the bitterness you have kept.

If you are still holding a grudge due to pain caused by someone or your actions please join me and say this with meaning;

I completely forgive (insert that person’s name here) and myself. I release any grudge and resentment and I let them go. Therefore, I am free and so shall it be.

Hope this is a blessing in your life and I wish you the best in your life endeavors . Cheers!!!