It appears that the main time we utilize a pen these days is the point at which we need to sign a record. Getting a written by hand note fills us with warm sentiments of wistfulness. For a long-term now, composing has implied tapping on the console and, progressively, it has implied keying messages, notices, archives and reports on the web.

Actually, there are currently many instruments accessible online to help you with your writing in various ways. Here is the way you can utilize and get advantage by utilizing some of these helpful tools:

  1. Grammarly

Spell-check and language structure check have turned out to be essential instruments for composing any sort of content, be it a three-word WhatsApp message or a 1,000-word long TOK essay example. To help you with composing crosswise over stages, Grammarly has a site, a desktop application and program extensions. This tool helps you with essential spellings in addition to correcting sentence structure. It is extraordinary for running a fast general check of your content and for direct editing.

  1. Evernote

One of the best note-taking applications, Evernote too is accessible at each one of the stages. It gives the usefulness of a propelled content tool, for example, Microsoft Word and significantly spares your content as you are writing it. You don’t need to bother with sparing your work on Evernote. The tool additionally permits booking and coordinating different applications, for example, To-Do List and Blogger. The top-notch rendition of Evernote has propelled elements, for example, PDF comment and word acknowledgment in pictures.

  1. Word Counter

Need some details about what you have composed? Word counter is a basic site where you can transfer your record or simply duplicate content to perceive what number of words it contains. What’s more, the site will give you data about characters, sentences, sections and spaces in the content, and how much time it will take for somebody to peruse it or read it so anyone can hear. The word counter likewise examinations records to quantify the word thickness or how frequently a specific word has been utilized.

  1. Simple Write

As stated by college paper writers at SolidEssay, it is a typical objection among authors, and a test for them, to pass on to perusers what they need to state. Some portion of the trap is to abstain from utilizing words that are unprecedented or cloud. Simple Write will just give you a chance to utilize words that are generally utilized. In the event that their pledge motor feels that what you are composing is excessively intricate or confounded, it will highlight the culpable words and request that you supplant them with less complex words.

  1. ZenPen

To dispose different sorts of diversions while composing, there is ZenPen too. This tool empowers simple and brisk organizing, for example, making the content intense, italics or underlined. You simply need to choose the content and the choices will show up on a float bar.


This tool helps you find or pinpoint a word on the off chance that you know about the idea or significance behind it. For instance, you can scan “inspired by a paranoid fear of statures” and you’ll have every one of the choices made accessible to you. You can likewise look for words which begin or end with a specific letter.