The beautiful and vibrant London is definitely a sight to see. Whether it is exploring the historical beauty of the city, visiting various museums, or enjoying the eatery and nightlife, London is a place filled with tons of activities to do that fit with any type of personality. London is the heart of old English culture, and also the epitome of true English food and fashion. Here are just some of the reasons why London is a go-to destination, and why London is truly the place for you.

6. Musical Theatre

If you’re a huge musical theatre fan, or even just enjoy catching a show or two, then London is perfect for you. With the famous West End just right in the heart of the city, you can witness amazing live musical performances of: Les Misérables, The Lion King, Chicago, Billy Elliott, Hairspray… and the list goes on! The Lion King in particular has been a long standing musical in the West End at the beautiful Lyceum threatre. From the cast to the costumes, it is an outstanding play and a must see if you’re wanting to experience some quality West End shows.

5. The Museums

If you’re a major museum buff, then London is for sure the place for you. The museums within London are vast. From the Straachi museum and its wild out-of-the-box artwork (we’re talking a room filled with just oil. Yes, I did say that correctly) to the national history museum of London displaying thousands of excavated fossils and bones, there truly is a museum for every person to see. If you’re into exploring the culture and visiting museums, then London should really be the first stop on your museum hunt around the world.

4. Indian food

This may not seem like a common attraction for many, and also might not be one of the first reasons that you decide to go to London, but the Indian restaurants around London town are for sure some of the best restaurants outside of India itself. I never thought of Indian food being a huge business upon going to London, but wow do they know their Indian restaurants! They’re scattered all across London, and you can find some great places in the most unlikely nooks and crannies of the city. If you’re not a huge fan of fish and chips, and Indian food really hits the spot, then go to London and discover some great Indian restaurants. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!

3. Pubs.

Ahhhh, the pub life. One of my favourite places to go to with friends on a night out, or even just eating and sipping a beer with my folks on an outdoor patio. Never have I ever been to such great pubs with amazing beer as I have in London. They’re literally EVERYWHERE, and most places have such an array of beer it takes you about 10 minutes to decide what you even want to drink. Also, the oldest pub in London sits right outside the globe theatre, so after watching some excellent Shakespeare make sure to go and visit this one of a kind pub with great history. Oh, and make sure to eat some fish and chips while you’re there with mushy peas!


2. Downtown shopping

Whether you’re into some serious high-class fashion, or maybe you’re just looking to buy some cheap clothing from a market place, London really does have everything. Get off at Picadilly circus and go explore the various shopping centres around, even the ever-trendy section of Soho. The famous Selfridges store is also definitely something worth seeing. Even though you may not be able to afford any of the clothing in there (Trust me, its like walking into Harrods…I wouldn’t take a look at the price tags!), just walking around the store and soaking up that trendy London fashion scene is definitely worth it.

1. The people

From going down to Camden market and conversing with all the punks, to going for high tea and experiencing traditional English culture, the people within the city of London are warm and friendly, even though they stem from all walks of life. The different places within London each have something to say about the people who come from there. Walking the streets of London is definitely one of my favourite things to do; you get a feel for which Londoners come from which part, and how proud they are to be apart of such a beautiful and big city. Go out and walk around London, or even sit down and converse with some Londoners: they’re friendly demeanour is prevalent, and they’re always willing to recommend great local spots and sights to see.


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