Every time October comes around, I always vow that it must truly be my favourite time of year. Yet it always passes so quickly, and the joys of apple picking, pumpkin patching and fiery coloured trees, are fleeting.

That’s why you’ve got to cram the best fall weekends with all of the wonderful activities and sights that Ottawa has to offer. And, not only do you want to bring some snacks along for the ride, you want snacks that are wholesome, hearty, deliciously fall-y, on-the-go snacks.

The Natural Delights Date Rolls have accompanied us on every one of our fall activities in Ottawa without fail. They’re incredibly easy to grab and go, travel well, offer nutritious energy, and are available in several delicious varieties; with even a pumpkin spice roll created especially for fall. We also love the Almond Date Rolls, Coconut Date Rolls, and the Dark Chocolate Orange Date Rolls.

Natural Delights Date rolls
Natural Delights Date Rolls

So, put on your hiking boots and your fall coats, grab your favourite Date Rolls, and head out to savour fall!

If you need some inspiration, here are some of our favourite ways to eat Natural Delights in Ottawa this fall:

  1. Gatineau Park hiking fuel; enough said!
  2. Lunchbox snacks for the kiddos (just make sure you choose the nut-free varieties if your school is nut-free)
  3. Family snacking at the pumpkin patch or apple orchard; easy for little hands to carry and tastes just like a treat!
  4. Post City Race running fuel; this time of year is prime for city walks & runs
  5. Halloween party munchies; also work great for avoiding-the-Halloween-candy munchies, since they taste like natures candy but healthier.

Featured Image Credit: Big Miss6