Film Title: Aashiqui 2

Director: Mohit Suri

Starring: Aditya Roy, Shraddha Kapoor, Shaad Randhawa, Mahesh Thakur


Rahul is a famous musician, but due to his alcoholism and unprofessionalism, his musical career begins to wane. During this period, he meets Aarohi – a bar singer from a poor family – that tries to sing at any small local bar to earn enough for her, and her family to survive. When Rahul and Aarohi meet, it is completely love at first sight, and Rahul becomes determined to make Aarohi very famous, due to her exceptional musical talent. So, he urges his uncle to sign her to his record label, and this in turn led to her widespread success across the Indian musical scene. But this film is not all about music and success, it’s more about Rahul and Aarohi loving each other so fiercely through the toughest of times, especially throughout Rahul’s alcohol addiction.


This movie is very exceptional in so many areas; music, cinematography, storyline, acting, the portrayal of alcoholism, and much more. I can’t stop praising this film because I was in complete awe of the beautiful masterpiece that is Aashiqui 2.

First, the accurate portrayal of the progression of alcoholism was almost spot on, and Aditya Roy deserves praise for his impeccable acting as an alcohol addicted musician. He made every single scene he was placed in, believable and relatable. Shraddha Kapoor also deserves praise for her amazing acting as the structural and emotional support often needed by people suffering from alcoholism. These duo are truly amazing actors with such great talent that every moment from the film felt very real, and it was truly incredible to watch.

Furthermore, the beautiful, relatable, and completely honest chemistry between Rahul and Aarohi was extremely appealing to watch. Because, it depicted Aarohi as a strong, kind and appreciative woman, willing to care and love Rahul through his difficulties. I have to commend both actors for expressing such a strong connection between Rahul and Aarohi that goes beyond all bounds of reasoning.

I will also like to fully commend Mohit Suri, the director of the flawless masterpiece called Aashiqui 2. He created a movie that wasn’t difficult to watch, rather was easy to follow, with a lot of emotion and deep connection. His insertion of beautiful heartfelt songs like Tum Hi Ho (performed by Arijit Singh), and Sunn Raha Hai (performed by Ankit Tiwari) completely take this movie to a higher emotional level, and this helps audience fall in love with the film as a whole, making it completely unforgettable. Even the cinematography, editing, frames – all come together to make the film whole, such that if there was any defect in any of the listed areas, the film would have been far from impeccable.

But my words don’t mean much, if you don’t see the film for yourself. Feel free to leave comments below.

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