The world of internet websites like blog sites and ecommerce sites are well aware that they firmly stand on the pillars of traffic. A site is all about viewers, if we don’t have an audience we don’t stand a chance in the market. And to boost the traffic we all are aware of implementing professional SEO services and have been using them for quite a while. So there is no point in explaining the SEO tactics, what’s informative here is the future of these strategies.

Quoting in simple words, the tactics keep changing and with time old strategies become obsolete and less effective. The sole reason is here is the development of technology. As we are moving rapidly towards the end of 2018, the expectations of the audience rise in terms of user experience. Marking the line of expectation, let’s take a look at SEO strategies taking a leap in 2019.

  • Google My Business

This tool will help the website to land their market reach around its local area. The location sited on your website will help in fetching better local SEO results. This is made for the ecommerce business stores who promoting their products, both offline and online. It lets the customers search your business better.

This tool will let your local audience search on a geographical basis and find you on Maps as well. By setting up an appropriate business address, one can generate better leads and drive better traffic in the coming years.

  • Backlink Generation

Backlinks are one of the important parts of your website if you want to gain the trust of Google. An organic backlink is assumed to beneficial than acquiring any paid backlink. Unlike the earlier scenario, today Google is concerned about how many quality backlinks you have rather than the quantity. Remember a site with a good DA and PA is what you need as a backlink.

Avoid bad links or single page promotional links, they just tend to degrade the impression your site. Also, it very important to note that the backlinks you are fetching should be under the niche of your business. Because if the backlink is irrelevant of your scope, then there is no point in having one. Always prefer quality over quantity, one quality backlink can do the work of hundreds of average backlinks.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain will be a major adaptation to the internet world. But the question is how it can be framed as an SEO strategy. Technically, blockchain will retract some powers of the middlemen like Google. When it comes to verifying the authenticity of the content companies relies on the verdict of Google. Instead, now blockchain will act as the security tool to eradicate fraud visitors according to their behavioral pattern. Thus, blockchain will ensure that the search results are more authentic and product listing is delivered securely. This turns out to be a major adaptation for the SEO companies, as it takes upon a direct approach for conducting business.

  • The future is ‘Voice Search’

In this fast-paced world, people hardly want to spend any time typing efforts in order to get specific results. This has given way to voice search strategy which allows the user to do the tasks at the ease of verbal words. How this affects SEO strategy? In relation to SEO, the task of optimizing keywords will change drastically. Experts will now have to use more long-tail keywords, unlike the strategy used for blog posts and articles.

It is also observed that voice search helps a lot with local search results. For example, if you are store toy store in a particular state or city, then search for a ‘toy store near me’ will list your shop on SERPs ranking.

  • AI and Chatbots

The technology driven world is all about automation today. The SEO tactics are getting more inclined towards implementing AI for faster and better results. Integrating chatbots and virtual assistants on the website is beneficial for the user interface. The page navigation becomes better and with chatbots, the user’s can fetch real-time queries. All this affects the status of the business, Google analyses how well you are able to serve the viewers. Implementing technology is one of the best long-term strategies to impress Google and surf a higher ranking.

  • Organic Content

Content writing is one great part of SEO and experts have accounted for the importance and worked accordingly. But as we move to a new year, content will demand more importance. User’s engagement level is depended on how well the content is drafted. The whole motive is to write natural content entailing relevant keywords. Google trends and Buzzsumo are two very essential tools available for monitoring most trending content.

Length of the content is a matter of fact when Google or blockchain wants to assess the impact of the content. The observations clearly speak that more informative and long-form content is expected by the readers. The appropriate length of a sublime article is thus considered to be around 600 words.

People are also seeking answers from pages like FAQ and Q&A of the company. This shows that the business is active and is taking steps to resolve the reader’s concern through other mediums as well.

  • Social Media presence

The presence on social media cannot be escaped by any business. It has become a mandatory aspect of SEO marketing. Moreover, the practice has become quite common and people around all over the world expect to see a business on a social media level. Nowadays your target audience is everywhere. The concept of typing the search engine less famous, instead the same target audience can be easily caught on social media.

There will be hardly any person found not having a single social media account in this mobile-driven world. Mobile makes the task easy and this is the reason apps are made mobile-friendly. The business can list advertisement of their products and share informative blogs which ultimately redirects the viewers to the original site. Here is when the goal of SEO practice is achieved.

  • Mobile phones: The key player

Look and leap for websites that are mobile-friendly also try and optimize your own site for a better performance. There is nothing more handy and useful at the same time than a mobile phone. Many businesses might have already taken the leap, but still, there is a long way to go. SEO experts need to learn great tactics to deal with mobile leads.

It is part of Google’s strategy that they will use the algorithms to rank these websites for their mobile-friendly performance. Thus, the year 2019 will be in favor of mobile phones and those websites that are mobile-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is extremely essential in this digital world. This brings SEO practices into the picture. As we know nothing is constant, these SEO strategies are speculated for 2019, but who knows what the next year beholds for the developers, SEO experts, and businesses. But, these strategies withstand in front of us today and believed to yield results as promised.

So if you are a business, a freelancer, brand applying these strategies rightfully will never fail your website results. SEO services in the USA are a buzz and with the technological advancements, the face of these tactics will keep evolving.