While searching for a good anti-aging product out there, I happened to stumble across this kit made by Advanced Dermatology. The kit comes with five products;

Breakdown of the Advanced Dermatology Anti-Aging Kit

1.) HEALING FOAM CLEANSE: This claims to provide the deepest clean without stripping the skin’s vital moisture. Furthermore, it claims to heal sensitivities triggered by environmental factors while stimulating cell regeneration. Thus, maintaining the structural integrity of skin’s cells for a healthy complexion

My Take: To be honest, this is one of the gentlest cleansers I’ve ever used. It has a creamy texture (I didn’t like the texture though) and once I applied and rinsed it off, my skin felt really soft and calm. It helped my acne’s redness. I used this morning and night.

2.) SUPER YOUTH SERUM: Claims to be a lightweight hydrating serum that is a powerful free radical fighter that Anti aging kit by advanced dermatologyreawakens the natural antioxidant network of the skin to help prevent future damage and aging.

My Take: This serum does what it claims. Believe me as someone who is prone to acne, I have tried so many serums out there and I have had problems with them breaking me out. Not only did this serum help boost my overall complexion, but also it did not break me out which really made me happy. I used this serum in the a.m. after the healing cleanser.

3.) DEEP WRINKLE FIRMING SKIN QUENCH: Claims to repair and rebuild collagen, elastin and essential proteins to reclaim the skin’s youthful appearance.

My Take: Probably the strongest product in the kit. Although this moisturizer helped keep my skin supple, I did not really care much about the anti-aging benefits, but rather how effective it was as a moisturizer. Overall, it was an excellent moisturizer which did not break me out. Therefore, I was satisfied with it. I normally used this at night.

4.) OVERNIGHT RESURRECTION: Claims to target damage caused by stressors while boosting cell renewal to reduce the appearance of deep creases and skin imperfections while asleep.

My Take: This product contains retinaldehyde (a derivative of Vitamin A). I can say that this was the main tool that helped with my acne. Furthermore, it also helped reduce visible scars that were present on my face, This was very efficient. This product was used during my night routine before the deep wrinkle moisturizer.

5.)  DAILY SUN DEFENSE: Claims to provide full-spectrum protection from the sun by absorbing and blocking UVA/UVB rays while preventing moisture loss.

My Take: Many sunscreen lotions are usually thick and greasy, but this was quite different. It was light and its application was smooth. In my opinion, it is the best sunscreen lotion I have ever used. This lotion was used every morning before I went outside.

Note: The kit has been updated. I talk about the updated advanced dermatology anti-aging kit on another post.

Routine Summary:

A.M: 1.) Healing foam cleanse, 2.) Super youth serum and 3.) Daily sun defence

P.M: 1.) Healing foam cleanse, 2.) Overnight resurrection and 3.) Deep wrinkle firming skin quench.

Other Information: The Advanced Dermatology Kit retails for 3 payments of $59.95 which are paid in 3 months. The company ships you a 3 month-supply of the kit with a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If the customer is not satisfied, he or she simply returns the kit within that 30 day period and gets a refund. After the payments are completed and the customer is satisfied, he or she is charged only $59.95 monthly (And oh!!! the customer service is very good. They are always prompt in answering questions as they make their customers their top priority). Visit  the Advanced Dermatology website for more information.

Updated: Our website is currently offering a free give-away option of the anti-aging kit by advanced dermatology to one lucky winner and avid follower of our website. To enter the competition to win the complete full set anti-aging kit (including the youthful boost eye gel), simply Like us on Facebook, share our website on your Facebook, and Follow us on twitter. Then send us an e-mail to info@wingd.ca indicating your completion of the competition. This free give-away ends at the end of August, 2014. 

Disclaimer: All reviews listed on this page are based on personal experiences with the product.

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