April Fool’s day can be fun, especially if its done predominantly for the laugh and humour you get out of it. I came across this list of prank ideas and I thought I’d share. Enjoy! and have a safe day of pranking, everyone.

1. Eyes Everywhere
If you want to freak someone out with an unbelievable dose of cuteness, then stick googly eyes on everything in their fridge or on their desk. EVERYTHING.

2. Toothpaste Oreos
The perfect way to scar someone for life is to swap the yummy filling of their Oreos with a thick layer of toothpaste. Mmmm, minty.

3. Flood Everything
Freeze water in a bunch of glasses, then place them upside down on the counter and let the ice melt. When your target goes to move them (they’ll have to eventually!) they’ll be met with a total deluge. Probably not the best if you also make use of said kitchen.

4. Donut Swap
This one’s pure evil. If you’re willing to ruin an entire batch of delicious donuts, fill a piping bag with mayonnaise and use it to make a whole new (very wrong) flavour of donut.

5. Break their iPhone
Wait a second… not literally! Change your victim’s screensaver to a photo of a cracked screen and leave it for them to find when they wake up. Guaranteed freakout!

6. No Soap for You!
Take a bottle of see-through nail polish and coat your target’s bar of soap with a thin layer. This will prevent it from lathering and is sure to cause total confusion.

7. Craft Some Kraft Dinner OJ
Take a packet of cheese from your Kraft Dinner box and mix it with water in a huge pitcher. Place the concoction, which will look just like orange juice, in the fridge, then offer them a nice big glass.

8. Spicy Shower
Twist the shower head off your shower and place a bouillon square inside, then put everything back in place. As soon as someone turns it on, they’ll be hit with orange water and have their skin covered with spices.

9. Old Car Accident Prank

Call your special gullible friend with a hidden number and tell them that their ID was found at the scene of an accident, and that they need to come into the police station to get it as soon as they can.

10. Wrong Pizza order

This is especially funny if you know the debit card or credit card number of your said friend. So you call them with a hidden number of course, and tell them that you are a pizza delivery guy from so-so and so pizza company, just calling to confirm a pizza delivery of 20 pizzas to your friend’s address (insert address) credited to your friend’s credit card/debit card number (insert friend’s card number). This will make for a long line of argument and confusion – guaranteed!

The pranks numbered from 1-8 were gotten from dose.ca, feel free to visit their page and get more ideas.