[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust like many people, I’m still wondering where the summer holiday went? And why the days went by so fast? So, I’ve rationally decided to milk in every second, minute, hour of these last few days before school officially starts.

In this post I’ll be talking about things that you can do when you finally get back to school.

Back to school…

If anything, you are probably dreading the end of the summer holiday. However, you are also making goals and telling yourself that this year at school will be the best year yet or that you’ll put in more work this time around than you’ve ever put in before. If you are reading this, you know that making goals for school before it actually starts are quite easy; the hardest part is maintaining them.  Believe me when I say that you are not alone. So do not be afraid if you don’t achieve all your goals but at least, there’s no harm in making them in the first place.

Below are a few of the things I’ll advice you to do when school officially begins, based on experience.

1)   If you aren’t aware, every class and every course requires a textbook. Do not be unmotivated to wait in line for that huge line-up at your school’s bookstore or your local bookstore. I find that people generally like to wait the line out, till about two weeks in of school and by this time, the readings for each course would have already piled up. Another alternative to beat the line-up, is to order your textbooks online ASAP-the earlier you order, the earlier they get delivered.

2)   If this September is the beginning of your first year at college/university, my advice would be to try to go to class half an hour ahead of time – this gives you enough time to get lost and find your way back to your new class building.

3)   Like most people, taking notes the first few days of school, seems like such hard work, just because your hands/writing become so wobbly from inactivity during the summer days. My only advice is that, this too shall pass, after a few days in, note taking will become a bit easier.

4)   The best school experience, I find is having people to talk with and having people to share it with. So, simply say “hi” to people you sit beside in class, appear friendly and approachable, ask for directions from people if you seem lost, say “hello” to people you haven’t seen all summer, and try to hang out with friends outside school.

5)   Go for your school’s sports game and support your school’s team

6)   Take notes and stay attentive in class, especially if the professor/teacher is great at teaching the course/subject.

7)   Find out about cool clubs your school has and join one or two of them.

8)   Create your own study group for each subject or course if you may like.

9)   Try to attend as many of your classes as possible.

10) Pace yourself. Do not go into overdrive during your first few weeks of school – this can lead to burn out and stress.

11)  Being in school, doesn’t mean you have to stop volunteering for your community. If you volunteered during the summer, keep as many volunteer hours as suitable.

12)  If you don’t understand a course or a subject, talk to the professor/teacher/T.A. of that course. There’s no harm in letting them know you don’t understand. The worst thing that could happen is that they’ll say they can’t help you – which is often unlikely and the best that could happen is that they’ll offer their help.

13) The night before school starts, plan ahead, place your books in your bag, set out your outfit for the next day, some people even plan out what they’ll be having for breakfast the next morning.

14)  Make sure you get your homework and assignments done early- a few days before the due date. Because, there’s nothing that beats rushing to get it done the night before and getting a less than expected grade a.k.a. mediocre grade – so it’s best you take your time and get it done much earlier.

15)  Try and make new friends and meet new people at school.


There are many things that could be done when school starts and I hope that the few things listed above will help you get through the crazy roller coaster ride, called education. On this website, you can also find a previous article written on the ways to avoid school stress and achieve success.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any. Have a great and successful school year.