Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task. People over romanticize the idea of success that they fail to realize that success is a product of failure. You have to fall down seven times to get back up eight times. If you don’t believe me, check out this beautifully illustrated video titled, “Famous Failures Before Success” by Jay Shetty.

To become an entrepreneur is to go through the following phases:

Phase 1: Idea generation

getting an idea

An idea hits and behold a billion and one fireworks go off in your head. Suddenly a light bulb clicks and all you think about is “that’s genius, what’s next?” You’re immediately high on adrenaline, and you start to work out various scenarios in your head of how to make this idea come to fruition. For most people, this is one of the best phases and simplest phases of entrepreneurship. Nothing can stop you. In fact you haven’t stumbled upon any roadblocks, you are simply an unaware infant still trying to navigate through the world. Then you move on to the next phase.

Phase 2: Realization & Roadblocks

road blocks to success

You start to formulate plans, strategies and create an army of supporters from friends and family to strangers on the street. You start to pitch your idea, and get them to embody it like you do. One of two things may happen, everyone may think you’re a genius, and no hard work is required on your part, so you effortlessly move to phase 3 or it takes more work to convince people of your idea or genius creation and that’s when you hit the roadblocks. From having people reject your idea to getting ‘nos’ and feeling dejected. At this point, you either give up or keep fighting. For those that give up, it’s easier, you are dejected, you think, this is hard, how did Einstein succeed? How did Turing decipher enigma? But for those that keep fighting, you know that you fight for the really high highs, because the process of becoming an entrepreneur is long and arduous. The truth is that you either work passionately and fight for the high highs and live through the really low-lows…or give up and feel like you failed yourself. But, when all of the roadblocks have been overcome in phase 2, you’re ready for phase 3.

Phase 3: Work, Work, Work, Work,Work,…and Success

products of success

A lot of entrepreneurs get stuck in phase 2 for years. Some get lucky and achieve success relatively quick, others have to work tirelessly for years to achieve due success. The truth is that fighting for what you believe in is incredibly difficult especially in a world where everyone is also fighting for what they believe in, but the euphoric moments come in bits and pieces and phase 3 ushers in success which is the ultimate high. It is at this point that you would have breathed life into that spark you got in phase 1. Nonetheless, in this phase, you also see that people that have worked long hours; through day and night in phase 2 to achieve success, simply renounce it all when success comes knocking at their doors. They either believe that they don’t deserve success or they are simply afraid of failing after succeeding.

However, an entrepreneur knows that learning, growth, experience and struggle are all tools for success, and that winning without failure is simply a myth.

Let’s talk, what phase are you in and what idea are you working on?