If you’re like me (an avid coffee drinker) you can barely go a day without a cup of coffee, but what you may not know is how healthy you’re morning drink is. So pour yourself a hot cup of joe and read all the important info and health facts about your favorite morning drink.

While there are some negatives to drinking coffee there are a list of positives. Some of the negatives include heart problems (but that’s only if you go too overboard with caffeine and coffee consumption) . Some people who drink coffee say that it cause trouble sleeping but that’s just those who drink large amounts or coffee throughout the day and into the afternoon/evening (only a few hours before regular sleep routine)

Regarding coffee benefits there are far more benefits than negatives to your health.
Coffee actually boosts metabolism (because of the caffeine that coffee and tea and other products contains) which aids in weight loss, and while I’m not advising you to go and drink a whole pot cause of the weight loss benefits, I am saying that a little bit (a cup or two, or in my case three) does help your metabolism. You may be surprised to hear that some diet pills are actually mostly caffeine because of caffeine’s weight loss purposes.
Coffee is used to keep you awake (it also tastes really good!) but that is what it is mainly used for so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that coffee helps work performance and even gym performance.

Studies show that coffee also helps lower your risk for type two diabetes, some types of cancers, liver problems and diseases related to your mental state such as Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s…

And lastly what I find to be the most interesting health benefit (and why I enjoy coffee even more) is: coffee releases chemicals in the brain that helps you to be more happy! A study recently showed that those who drink coffee tend to be less depressed and have less anxiety.
So while there may be some negatives to drinking coffee (mostly from too much caffeine) the list of benefits from drinking your morning cup of joe are longer and more positive and greatly outweigh the negatives