While I am an avid coffee drinker and I have previously wrote an article on the benefits of coffee, I do however realize that tea is an American favorite when it comes to drinks. Daily tea is drunk by an estimated one hundred fifty-eight million Americans. In fact it was reported that Americans drank 3.8 billion gallons of tea in 2016.

While I could focus on the numerous teas out there (earl grey, chamomile, etc.) I’ve decided to focus on a specific tea: green tea; it is claimed to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. Green tea has numerous health benefits, so if you aren’t a fan of tea this may actually change your mind. I for one am not a tea person, I am your typical New Yorker interested in cafes that serve a good cup of coffee, latte or any other coffee based drink I can get my hands on.

However, I have started to drink green tea on a regular basis and have noticed many positive changes. Green tea is a natural herb soaked in hot water, no artificial flavors, no added preservatives, just pure herbs in the healthiest fluid for your body. Like it’s counterpart coffee, green tea is filled with antioxidants and is healthy in cleaning out the body of impurities and toxins. Coffee boosts metabolism and so does green tea, and a boosted metabolism increases your energy burning (calorie burning).

However, green tea has one step up from coffee, it has fat burning qualities. Whilst on the internet I googled diet tips and almost every website and every blogger advised to incorporate green tea into your daily diet.

Having listed these reasons I end on the note that if you’re like me, someone who isn’t fond of tea, I’d still incorporate it into your diet as much as possible because of the many health benefits it has, and it’s no surprise that green tea is amoungst one of the most common teas to drink.