Top Life Management Apps for Everybody

 In today’s world, mobile devices are indispensable to the majority of us, and it can rightly be called the Age of the App. From relaxing with online games, to blocking news about the Kardashians, to ensuring your bills are paid on time, there really is an application for almost everything.

If you’re looking for the best life management apps, we recommend that you give these a try; they make everything from exercising to managing your money easier.

Stay Fabulous with Fitness Apps

There are a number of wonderful applications for runners and joggers, like MapMyRun, which will record your times and speed, give you an idea of how many calories you’ve burned, map out new routes, and save old ones. Fitness apps can also help you keep track of your health and fitness and can be a great help when dieting, trying to lose weight or attain specific goals.

Make Sure Your Money is Organized

Safe apps like Mint are a great idea for you if you need some help when it comes to monthly budgeting. You will simply enter the necessary information into the application, and it will then lay out your expenses, income, and budget in a manner which is not just visually appealing, but easy to understand as well. Other apps like SplitWise can be a great help if you regularly share expenses with friends or family, and are ideal for those who live in shared accommodation. Bill splitting apps keep track of who spends what, and makes paying each other back easy.

Applications for Making Notes on the Go

Do your best ideas come to you when you’re pushing a cart at the grocery store? Do you constantly find yourself searching for friends’ recommendations that you’ve scribbled on a till slip or a serviette? Do you have a list of online bookmarks that are getting too unwieldy for you to ever use again? Try Evernote!

This application makes it easy to keep track of day-to-day doings, both online and off, and you can also sync your info across all of your devices. It is the ultimate in note taking, staying organised, and keeping things findable.

Special Mention: A Productivity Suite

Carrot is just about the most improbable suit of productivity applications available. You can use it individually or as a bundle, and there are 5 different apps in total:

  1. To-Do
  2. Alarm
  3. Fit
  4. Hunger
  5. Weather

The Carrot in the application’s name serves two functions: it symbolizes the reward system the apps make use of to get you to get things done, like being able to access a new game when check something off your To-Do list. But Carrot is also the name of the wicked robot that guides you through each of the apps.

With Fit, she will lead you through a daily 7 Minutes of Hell, or a series of strength and cardio exercises with names as outrageous as The Celebrity Face Punch. You can use also Carrot to track what you are eating and she will publicly shame you if you overdo it, posting to your social feeds about your gluttony.

All of the actual functions that the Carrot applications perform can definitely be found elsewhere, but the character has been infused with so much personality that it goes a long way to elevating rather boring tasks from the mundane to the enjoyable. You’re kept wondering what she could possibly say next, and may well find yourself accomplishing the tasks you need to more quickly!

Is there anything we have missed? How do you use technology to simplify your life? Tell us what applications have made your life easier to manage and should make this list!