La Braderie de Mode Québécoise (aka The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers) is the annual fashion sale production by Anne de Shalla. It is a phenomenal event that one must attend, especially if you’re looking to get items made by fabulous Québécoise designers without breaking the bank.

Canada is a country that has birthed and continues to birth so many great people. Cities like Ottawa and Montreal, for one, have nurtured creative and talented minds. One such person/designer is Mélissa Nepton, whom right from childhood has been an avid fashion lover.

Mélissa is a Montreal-based fashion designer who acknowledges that “fashion is a whole part of me, and I have been immersed in clothing since a very young age as my mother created theatre costumes.”

As a result of her early exposure to fabric and design, it was only natural for her to go down this path.

At the age of 18, Mélissa began studying fashion designing in her local city of Montreal, and eventually went as far as Paris to continue her studies.

Not too long after, she created her company in 2009 and presented her first collection at Montreal’s Fashion Week. Since then, it has been a spiral of success for Mélissa and she has even established herself as a renowned designer in the industry, as well as served as a huge impact on the Canadian fashion scene.

When asked what her favourite part about being a fashion designer is, Mélissa responds with simply “being able to create clothing for women of various age ranges and body types.” This is highly evidential in her collections that have designs inspired by “everything around me: travelling, food, and runways. I think the inspiration comes from all directions and is then concentrated into a very unique collection.”

The big fashion sale event in Quebec, as you may know from this post, is a perfect opportunity to get an item from Mélissa Nepton’s collections, along with other talented Québécoise designers. It is an event that Mélissa even describes as a time to go out, meet customers and get them to discover other talented designers from Quebec. She has been an avid participant for 6 years now and hopes to continue to share her designs with the public via this route.

It is a must attend event as “there are always great styles and prices to discover,” says Mélissa who advises aspiring fashion designers and those trying to break into the fashion industry to “do what you love, follow your path and your instinct.”

For more information on La Braderie de Mode Québécoise (aka The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers), visit their official website.