It’s that time of the year people! It’s thanksgiving somewhere in the world (the United States, of course) and retail stores have decided to spare our bank accounts a little. Time to get your hands on all that you’ve had your eyes on for a while now!

Here are a few tips to help your last-minute preparations for black Friday:

  • Make a strict list: Emphasis on the word ‘strict’ here people; your accounts will thank you later for this. Making a strict list enables you budget better and purchase things that you need as opposed to those that you want. This is definitely the most important so take note of this one.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: In this, choosing comfort over style will be pardoned (just for this day!). Wear your most comfortable clothes so that you can have one less thing to worry about while shopping. And definitely, Black Friday isn’t the day to hurl your big totes around so carry a small bag in order to make space for those shopping bags. We know you’ll have many.
  • Wear running shoes, if need be: In all honesty, no one will be blamed for doing this. I know that I, for one, will certainly consider this – nothing beats comfort on this day. So, if you need to wear those running shoes, then by all means, do so. It’ll give you a reason to whip those bad boys out in the fairly cold weather.
  • Get a good night’s rest: Of all nights, the one before Black Friday would definitely be the most advisable to get that well-deserved rest. So, make sure the only plan you have for the night is with your bed, and it should be an early one at that. No one wants to be tired after visiting about two stores.
  • Have a heavy breakfast: Chances are, you won’t be able to get anything to eat until you’re done shopping, so eat something heavy before you journey down the endless Black Friday lane finding the best deals.
  • Do your research: For the future, take advantage of cyberspace and get a general idea, if not specific, of great deals that are in store for Black Friday. This will come a long way and will definitely save you a lot of time and money.
  • Clean your wardrobe: This will give you a better idea of what you already have and what you’re in need of. In turn, more time and money will be saved. Spare yourself the hassle of returning items the day after Black Friday or, even worse, not returning at all. This ends up being a waste and a loss to someone else. You can save lives; you have the power to do so!

In the meantime, here are some  tremendous deals I found while ‘taking advantage of cyberspace’:

  • Aldo: 25%-50% off items on sale.
  • American Apparel: 50% off sale items.
  • Aritzia: Up to 50% off select items.
  • Banana Republic: 40% off entire purchase.
  • Club Monaco: Up to 35% off.
  • Coach: 20%-30% off purchases of $250-$500+ (Online code: ‘THANKS2015′)
  • Danier: Up to 50% off.
  • Express: 50% off from 24th to 27th at 12pm; 40% off after 12pm on 27th to 11:59pm local time.
  • Equipment: 25% off original price and sale items.
  • Forever 21: Items starting at $6.
  • Gap: Up to 50% off.
  • H&M: Up to 60% off; Free shipping on all orders with code ‘3265’;
  • J Crew: Up to 40% off.
  • Levi’s: 30% off + Free shipping
  • Madewell: 25% off entire purchase.
  • Nasty Gal: 30% off select items.
  • Old Navy: 30% off.
  • Stuart Weitzman: Handbag sale + 30% off select shoes.
  • Tibi: Up to 60% off (Online code: BLACKFRIDAY15)
  • Topshop: Up to 50% off.

Happy Shopping!