With very few cozy nooks and crannies in Ottawa, Black Squirrel Books was an amazing find for me. This book store and café can be found in Old Ottawa South (1073 Bank St. – across from the Mayfair Theatre). There are numerous reasons why this bookstore is one of my favourites. The selection of books is unbelievable; ranging from fiction and literature to philosophy to an incredible selection of graphic novels, it is almost impossible to not find what you are looking for. The company is even better. The individuals that work there are absolutely lovely. They have all got such a vast knowledge of literature and are always happy to help you find whatever you need, or happy to get lost in a conversation with you. Best of all, Black Squirrel Books feels lived in. The mismatched pieces of furniture, the dim lighting, the leaning piles of books that scatter the floor. All of these things make me, and I am quite sure many others feel at home.

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With the pressure of school on everyone’s backs this year – whether it be high school, an undergrad, your masters – it’s extremely difficult to find the time to read for the pleasure of oneself. This month, Black Squirrel Books is offering an amazing alternative to these struggles. Black Squirrel Books is starting a Political Thought Book Club, directed at both newbies and oldies to the subject. The goal of this book club is to give individuals the opportunity to read intellectual content for fun while having the ability to interact with other scholarly individuals in a laid back setting.

The date of the first meet and greet (after bookshop hours) has yet to be announced, but there we will be discussing the best way to format our meetings, meet-up days and best of all, BOOK SUGGESTIONS!

“The imaginary is not formed in opposition to reality… it is born and takes shape in the interval between books. It is the phenomena of the library.” – Foucault

Photographs courtesy of the Black Squirrel Book website and Instagram page