Bomarah Foundation (B.F.) is a charity organization that is proclaimed to be the “brainchild” of Hajia Bola Muse. It is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization created from the kindness, empathy and altruism of a mother and entrepreneur. This foundation was first initiated from regular philanthropic visits to orphanage homes and rehabilitation centers in 1996, and as an outpour of resources increased, the organization was officially registered as a part of the Nigerian Network of NGOs (NNNGO) in 2002. The ultimate vision of Bomarah Foundation is to create an all-inclusive society devoid of poverty and prejudice. This vision is strived for by the organization’s mission statement, which is to mobilize both human and material resources towards enhancing the socio-economic well-being, dignity and survival of persons living with disabilities, as well as provide institutional support for under privileged children and youths in the Nigerian society. The organization’s current thematic areas include infant mortality, child rights, rehabilitation of displaced persons, youth empowerment, equal rights, increased awareness of social ills and diseases and so many more. These thematic areas are often combated through development of rehabilitation programs, enlightenment campaigns, job creations and so much more. Ultimately Bomarah Foundation is an organization that is geared towards any population that is less privileged, which is the primary focus that is again re-affirmed by the founder of the organization, Hajia Bola Muse, as we sit down to interview her.

Tell us a little bit about Bomarah Foundation, and how it began.

B.M: Bomarah Foundation (B.F.) is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization that was founded in 2002. It began as an expression of my sympathetic dispositions towards the less privileged, which had prompted me in the past to organize parties and visitations to orphanage homes for the physically impaired and special schools for the blind. Usually, these visits were often accompanied with numerous gift items, cash donations and other incentives. My organization’s main focus is not only to alleviate the plight of the less privileged in Nigeria but also to empower them to live beyond their limitations. Today, the organization’s influence has reached out to children, youth and even adults with the vision to create an all-inclusive society devoid of poverty and prejudice. In short, B.F. has evolved into an all-encompassing range of activities and programs aimed at thematic areas like reduction of infant mortality, child rights, rehabilitation of displaced persons, youth empowerment, job creation, promotion of the rights of persons living with disabilities, as well as enlightenment campaigns on social ills and diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola, etc.

How has this Foundation been successful since its creation?

B.M: Before discussing the successes of B.F., we need to understand its scope of influence and the extent to which activities and programs were successfully organized. To a large extent B.F. has been a huge success because our organized programs achieved and stated prior objectives. For example, B.F. has organized several events, some of which include, “SHINE ON AGAINST ALL ODDS”, where we trained and educated widows and people living with physical and mental disabilities. The “BUILDING SHOE MAKING WORKSHOP” is a program that aimed to educate reformed prison inmates on the craft of shoe making. Some other programs we’ve hosted include, giving out school scholarships to reformed prison inmates and indigenous students from different parts of Nigeria, and youth empowerment events with the collaboration of third party sponsors. Other structural programs we’ve developed include funding and facilitating corrective surgeries on children with oral deformities typically cleft lip & palate, sponsoring a soccer event for children under 14 years old, funding birthday parties for under privileged orphaned children, as well as hosting the 2014 Bomarah Foundation Cup. This Bomarah Foundation cup event aimed at youth development and empowerment. For additional details on this event, please visit our website.

We presently have several staff members that are passionate about the organization’s objectives and mission statements. They are honestly the ones that ensure that Bomarah Foundation is always successful in its missions. We also have numerous loyal, dedicated and passionate volunteers that have always worked with us on several projects. To me, this attests to the fact that there are so many people out there – if given the opportunity – that have the vision of simply changing lives and creating a better life for the less privileged children, youth and adults of Nigeria.

It’ll interest you to know that there are some reputable people and organizations in Nigeria that have often contributed time and energy to ensure that we are successful in all our endeavors. These organizations include Kano State, Lagos State, KiriKiri Maximum prison officials, Zain Nigeria Mobile Network, NTA News Channels and so many more.

Can we discuss some of Bomarah Foundation’s programs and events?

B.M: To a large extent, B.F. has made some milestone achievement in Nigeria but so much more is yet to be done. We are looking at touching lives beyond the shores of Nigeria, perhaps all over Africa. Already, we have established an office in Benin Republic and plans are presently afoot to work with credible organizations in Benin republic, so that we can all work together to create an impact there too. We are also trying to be involved in some humanitarian works in Ghana, Togo, Somalia, etc. We are making frantic efforts to send relief materials to war ravaged countries within Africa. However, this requires a huge chunk of capital, which happens to be our present limitation.

Also, space will not allow for a comprehensive enumeration of our activities and programs that have so far been organized by B.F., but, notwithstanding, all activities have truly been very successful. Yearly, we typically plan our programs on specific awareness days. These dates and programs include:

April 2 – “World Autism Day” – Shine On Against All Odds.

June 16 – “Day of the African Child” – Celebration of the African Child

August 12 – “International Youth Day” – Say Yes to Yep

October 1 – “Nigeria Independence Day” – Flag Our Schools (FOS) Project.

October 17 – “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty” – Feed the Poor Programs

December 1 – “World Aids Day” – Press Conference on the topic of HIV/AIDS

December 3 – “International Day of Persons with disabilities” – Never Walk Alone                                                                                                                       Project (Disability Awareness walk)

December 20 – “International Human Solidarity Day” – A day with the senior citizens.

As is expected, B.F. works with a team of trusted, diligent and dedicated staff members who have all independently contributed to the success story of Bomarah Foundation. The staffs are so dedicated to the cause so much so that it has become a part of their lives. They are always seeking out ways to touch other people’s lives even in their individual inter-personal relationships. To me, the staffs and volunteers are truly the “oil that makes the engine of the car run”. Bomarah Foundation is successful today because of a collaborative effort of dedicated, loyal and truly kind people in our society.

What is one thing that you hope Bomarah Foundation accomplishes in the future that has presently not been accomplished?

B.M: We truly hope to spread out to several countries within Africa, not just Nigeria. But at the moment, we are currently working towards acquiring a space that’ll serve as a skill acquisition centre for various sub-populations that we currently work with. They include, widows, people living with disabilities, orphaned children & youth, as well as anybody that requires our help.

Here are a few photos that’ll give you a glimpse of what Bomarah Foundation represents, and the various programs and activities they host all across Nigeria.

This charity organization has worked fervently for more than a decade to combat prejudice, poverty and to promote equal rights for all. Support them, and if you or your organization believe in the mission statement of Bomarah Foundation, help out by donating resources and time by visiting their website. For personal correspondences, please contact the organization directly here:

Bomarah Foundation

LAGOS State Office


5, Itapeju Street, Off Wharf Road, Apapa,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone Numbers:

+234 802 223 9861,
+234 803 704 4036,
+234 803 325 2375,

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