Like La Rochefoucauld said, “true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen”. I could not agree more with his words. Love is a “matter” that everyone will talk about for days or cry about for months. Often times, people revolve their lives around finding the one person with whom they want to spend their life with. Others will suffer from one bad relationship to the other without truly finding their soul mate. Looking for love is hard; we all have to go through hoops and sometimes scorching fire to find the person that will make the universe make sense. In my opinion, I strongly believe that when you find that one person you want, you should hold on to them tightly because as it’s been established, true love is difficult to come by. However, it’s not always easy. Obstacles will often get in your way, it could be that you have to face a long distance relationship or that your parents don’t approve of your significant other. It could also be a little bit more complicated than that. Perhaps, sometimes even your country and society do not approve of the love of your life, either of the same sex or of opposite sex. So, how do you face these obstacles and make the relationship work?

This article will review the book titled, “If You Could Be Mine” written by Sara Farizan, daughter of Iranian immigrants, who came out of the closet in college and quickly decided to become a writer. It was reported that Farizan’s book immediately became a popular choice to read amongst a lot of young readers. In this book, Farizan transports every reader into the world of Sahar, an Iranian teenager who wants to become a surgeon. She lives with her father because her mother passed away. She is also very close to her best friend, Nasrin. Nasrin comes from a rich family and she is pretty careless. Nasrin often commits actions without thinking about their consequences, often times leading her to trouble. However, the two girls share a great secret that could put their lives in danger amongst their community; both girls are deeply in love with each other. In this captivating book by Farizan, Sahar will lead us through a tale of two friends that both love each other deeply and want more out of their relationship but are afraid because of the beliefs of their family and community. However, chaos arises when Sahar believes she will be losing the love of her life as Nasrin is bethroted to a young doctor by her family. Thus, Sahar will eventually try to undergo a sex reassignment surgery to win back the love of her life, Nasrin, as the book reads halfway. But to find out how everything plays out, you’ll need to grab a copy of Farizan’s compelling book and give it a try.

if you could be mine by sara farizan

I first saw this book at Chapters a couple months back and I was immediately interested in giving it a try. I was really fascinated by how the story was going to unfold, so I quickly began to read the first chapter and I was hooked. I couldn’t put the book down because the author transported us into a world where I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on. First, I got to visit a new culture that I didn’t know a lot about. I got to see how people especially women have to live in Iran. Secondly, I had the chance to live through a teenager as she comes to terms with her sexual orientation, and the struggle for her to discover her identity with the gaze of family. In others words, I really fell in love with every single character in the book as they all brought something different to the story and there is no doubt that once you read the book that you will at least connect with one or more of the characters. Some of them will get on your nerves, but some will make your heart melt like Baba, Sahar’s father who is completely clueless about everything.

Regarding the plot, I believe the book is very well written, and it was an easy read. I didn’t stumble on words except certain terms in Persian. The only point that disappointed me is that Sahar didn’t go through with her plans. As crazy as it sounds, I really wanted her to have the courage to go through with her reassignment surgery because I think it would have been a great message for the readers. Even though she was thinking of doing it for all the wrong reasons, we [readers] all would have gotten a great message from the story centred around the hurtful repercussions and regret from acting out of impulse especially when acting in the name of love. However, by giving us this ending, the author is implying that, indeed, we don’t always get what we want or end up with the person we think we were meant to be with, but nonetheless, life continues. We will always find a way to move on and perhaps find a way to make our life better even without the person that we thought was the one. In other words, we will be broken for a while however we will get over it. Time will heal you. It may sound cliché, but with time, everything gets better.

To conclude, I hope that after reading this review, you will feel inspired to pick this book by Farizan as well as her other many great works alike. It will give you a perspective on certain topics that you may never have thought about. Also, it will give you a break from all the vampires or dystopian book that have simply come to plague the young adult readers’ section of libraries and book stores.

So, have a good read, and if you do read the book, don’t hesitate to tell us what your thoughts were.