Living in a city like Ottawa, we often don’t think about issues that affect many of our own people. One of these issues is hunger. Thankfully, there are groups such as Express Employment Professionals that have created initiatives such as ‘Brand It Blue Day’ to fight against hunger by hosting a food drive in order to deliver non-perishable foods to local food banks across North America.

Beginning on May 15th and ending on June 10th, Express Employment Professionals will be accepting food donations that will be collected on June 10th and then taken to the local Food Bank. The initiative’s platform rests on the idea that it is our responsibility to help these communities grow and thrive.

This initiative also encourages businesses to become more involved in their community and overall helps build a stronger feeling of togetherness.

In 2016, the Brand It Blue Day initiative had over a thousand volunteers and in total had 509 businesses participating all across North America. The company, Express Employment Professionals ended up providing 90,703 meals in the year of 2016 alone with 235 of their offices participating. In total, Express Ottawa ended up collecting and donating 325 pounds of food to the Ottawa Food Bank – and this year, the goal is to increase that number!

This is a great initiative to become involved in and it is as simple as going through your pantry, finding a couple of non-perishable items and donating them! There are some great videos on what the initiative entails and how amazing the results are.

In addition to creating this amazing opportunity to give back, Express Employment Professionals help individuals find jobs and employment opportunities, in fact in 2017 they won the “Best of Staffing Talent Award”.

So Ottawa, take this opportunity to become involved in your community, come out and support the Brand It Blue Day initiative and be a part of reducing the amount of hungry people living in our own city.

For more information on Brand It Blue Day and Express Employment Professionals, check out their Facebook page!