Boston is one of those iconic American East Coast destinations that are a must see. I only had a chance to visit for 4 days, but what I saw was an amazing, forward-thinking, fast paced city with so much happening all around you that I was almost overwhelmed. If you are looking for a stop on your all American road trip then I would definitely recommend the bustling city of Boston.

Boston is home to more than 6 colleges and universities, most notably Harvard University and MIT. To say the least, Boston is a young city full of students and bright minded individuals. Taking a stroll around Harvard University and Harvard Square you really get a sense of that university feel, and the history that lies within that institution. It is amazing to be able to walk around such a beautiful and iconic place that was home to so many breakthroughs and triumphs. It is a truly magical place to be!


When walking around downtown Boston, up Beacon Street and towards Boston Commons, you get a city feel with hints of deep-rooted American history. These historical gems date back to the time where the Mayflower settled along Boston’s Coast. You can see all of this history intermittently dispersed among beautiful modern architecture, like the parks and the Boston Library on Beacon Street. It is a city full of wonder that appeals to both the old and the new.

Also, the harbour is a definite go-to stop on the Boston tour! Whether you take a whale watching tour to spot whales and seals in their habitat, or visit the New England Aquarium, the Harbour is a family friendly activity spot that appeals to every one of all ages. Seeing the various penguins at the New England Aquarium was definitely one of the highlights from my Boston experience.

Even with so many various daytime activities, Boston is just as vibrant and alive at nighttime. With such a high young student population, there are so many bars and clubs that appeal to any mood that you are in when going out. Walk to Faneuil Hall Marketplace by the harbour and discover all that Boston has to offer at nighttime!

Boston is a remarkable place full of activity, nightlife, friendly faces and young city vibes. So get on down there and explore what Boston truly is all about!