We humans are surrounded by so many complexities in terms of our psychological attributes that we are unaware of. There are many factors, which play with our psychographics, but we do not have any clue about them. Eating is one of our habits that control our brains. We eat on daily basis but we do not realize how different eating factors contribute their role towards the whole process. Our food colors, table cloth, size of the plate and its type, all these play a vital role in the amount of food we eat. It is believed by the marketing research that red is the color to induce us towards hunger. The color of the KFC and Mcdonald’s logo is red. So there is a science behind every decision which plays its role either we know about it or not. This article will discuss further how plate sizes affect our eating habits.

Size of the Plate

It would be a funny scene when people will start eating without plates. We never imagined plates would become such essential part of our eating. Plates can be of many sizes, shapes and colors. Few of their sizes are Small, Medium and Large.

The size of the plate in which we eat from is a very considerable factor, which decides on how much we are going to eat. It may look ridiculous at first but when it’s given a second thought, the story starts to unveil itself. Let’s consider a person who uses a small plate to put his food in it, let it be any food. It is our human instinct that we always try to fill out our plates as per our hunger. Now when the person begins pouring his/her eatables into the plate, he or she would realize that there are fewer places inside the plate to keep the required food. Hence to completely moderate the filling of the plate the person will fill a lesser amount of area of the plate. On the other hand if using a larger plate, the large surface area of the plate face will excite the eater to put in more and fill in the empty places on the plate. Hence, with this example we can conclude that the larger the area of the plate, the more the person puts on his plate. Less space does not let the person think the other way.



Talking about food reminds us of our health. Health is an important factor in the European countries. Certain amazing policies have been designed in the United Kingdom to ensure that people get the maximum health benefits. EHIC (European health Insurance card) is a unique card issued to the European national people of 28 countries. This card allows the health facilities to be charged at the same cost in all of these countries. So as a conclusion we can say on a humorous note that whichever the country is, people have to choose their plate sizes wisely. Otherwise eating more results in becoming obese. This is a further invitation to many dangerous diseases that may impact health negatively.