“You’re Canadian-why do you even care?”

If you’re an individual living in the fated North, you’ve probably heard this question multiple times as it pertains to the upcoming US elections. In fact, you’ve probably heard this question if you’re an active audience member with the events consisting of this election—or, as some call it, the catfight.

The United States of America is one of the world’s largest superpowers. According to The Gazette Review, the US ranked in at number 1 due to it being the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. It also has the strongest economically secure field than any other country and the US dollar is the strongest currency around. As well, the USA’s military facet is unmatched, with the funding and upkeep being maintained consistently.

But, still, why do we even care?

High school history classes can tell us that answer. The term, “superpower”, derives from the strength and security compiled within a country. These core assets rank the list of superpowers as they contribute to both their own country’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world as well. The fact that the US has ranked in the first place on the list means that they have the most influence over the rest of the world. This outcome could either make or break their country and it’s detrimental to the world’s wellbeing. This revolves around the fact that power and influence primarily comes from the US.

As in, whatever happens here in this election will influence the entire world. As is well known right now, US is facing major crises. Terrorism attacks are on a high and the group ISIS is no friend to the United States or other modern nations around the world. Gun shooting and killings are at a rise in the states as well as sexual offenders. Not only these, but whether this country goes into another recession also depends on the tactics being taken to avoid such measures.

presidential us electionsBoth current presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different measures on how they plan to rule the country. Without going into details, Clinton plans to take secure and reasonable tactics to ensure the sanctity of the country. Such measures involve (but are not limited to) ensuring the wealthy pay their share in taxes to control the national deficit, maintaining funding for Planned Parenting so women can feel safe about their bodies when it comes to pregnancy measures, as well as ensuring paid family and medical leave. She also plans on electing Supreme Court judges that actively reflect the nation’s views and plans on giving more rights to women and electing more women to her senate. Equal pay and increasing the minimum wage are also among her plans as well as ensuring acceptance for LGBTQ community members.

Her plans are not at all dissimilar to what Obama has either accomplished or had hoped to do, but her plan is to include all Americans regardless of their colour, ethnicity, race or gender.

Trump, on the other hand counters her views and her policies. This is of course considering they are of politically disparate parties, and so it is fair for them to present drastically different tactics to run the country. Several media channels and sources have reported that he is neither ready to take on the Oval Office nor does he have the best interests of the state at heart. They continue to brand him time and time again as unfit to lead the nation with his claims of imprisoning/punishing women who receive abortions and sending immigrants back to their own countries so they can stop stealing jobs away from the “true” Americans. He has also used these same media channels to make numerous comments that suggest racist and derogatory attitude as well as immense sexism and misogyny.

It is extremely clear the difference between the two. This election has never been more crucial as it presents very polar opposite candidates that have both been vilified in and by the media, and so picking the right candidate Americans believe has the best interest of the country and its allies rests on morality, principle and which candidate their values align with the most.

So, still, why should we care?

Democracy was fought for and continues to be fought for. It is imperative that people exercise these rights and revel in the victory of previous generations who fought for the democracy we have today. We care because we need to encourage everyone in the United States to vote, especially young people. Past elections have shown low voting from the young demographic and once again, it is imperative that we should all care as this election has never been more crucial.

US is a superpower that all other countries in the world look up to and if a volatile leader is chosen, the decisions that leader will make will impact and change the outlook of the world. Because we are Canada and tightly associated with the US, whatever happens in the States has a ripple down effect into Canada as well.

This election is also iconic in another way; US could potentially gain its first female president. The possibility of this idea coming true only paves the way for tremendous opportunities and rights for women that only women can imagine across the world.

So, it’s our job as members of the civilization race to care about US elections. It’s our job to remain well informed about the issues concerning US and our countries. Because, if the results of this election go wayward and Americans elect a non-fit president, it will take US back instead of moving forward, and US will lose its position in NATO and may be considered threat to current allies. US will lose its super power status and that will impact all other countries including Canada. The sufficient upkeep and planning for future generations of leaders will remain at a standstill and our human race will not be able to move forward into the future.

We can only hope that Americans make the right choice on November 8th. Because the impact will not only affect them; it will affect all of us.