If you know me personally then you know that I absolutely love sweet treats…donuts, chocolates, cupcakes, cheesecakes…. I simply can’t get enough of sweets. So one day when my friend took me out for lunch on William Street to a restaurant called Cacao 70, I was thrilled. It was so good that I even took another friend out to eat there a couple weeks later.

Here are some tips to having a memorable time at Cacao 70:

1) Avoid going there for supper time, it will be so crowded that you will have to wait in line at the door before you get seated. When you eventually get seated, the servers will be running busy all around you that they can’t give you an absolute perfect service. So my advice is to go there for lunch or even a bit earlier than that so you can have the best seats and get the awesome service that you would like the servers to provide.

2) Do not eat before you go to Cacao 70. You will be eating a lot of sugar so go there on an empty stomach, so that you feel less guilty when you begin to stuff your face with delicious treats. Also, you should be prepared to be ‘invaded’ by chocolate so don’t go eat a sandwich there. Take a good look at the sweet menu (not the savoury one) and focus on the waffles or the fondue or the crepes or the chocolate banana pizza or one of their milkshakes… You know what? How about you try a bit of everything? That’ll be an excellent choice.

3) Most of all, you are going there to have fun so bring a bunch of your friends for a fun lunch gathering or make sure that your significant other takes you there on your next date night, you will both have the time of your price. Plus, it’s a guilty pleasure that will not make a hole in your wallet because it’s so affordable. Every cent will be well spent. You will not regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Cacao 70 on Suite 51, 53 William Street, Ottawa in the Byward market.

Cacao 70
Cacao 70