With the weather becoming more and more beautiful, people are starting to spend their days strolling the streets of our beautiful city. In fact, that is exactly what I was doing when my roommate and I came across Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut on Dalhousie Street.

Tucked away deep in the market is this beautiful chocolate store offering a variety of delicious treats. When you walk in, all you can see is chocolate of all kinds.

They have your classic truffles, bars of pure chocolate, bags of chocolate shavings and chocolate chips. They also have products that are perfect for a gift or a fun treat, such as a chocolate high heel shoe (perfect for Mother’s Day!) or solid chocolate letters that you can use to convey a sweet message.

This chocolate store also works as a café and there are tables and chairs inside for those wanting to sit and chat and, of well of course, indulge! The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and everyone who works at the Chocolaterie has a smile on their face (and who wouldn’t surrounded by chocolate all day?)

So if you’re up for a delicious experience, check out Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for it!