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Dear College and University diary;

 “In university, friendship has become the most important thing for me. The people I got myself around hugely impacted my dedication and motivation towards my entire experience”.

“My university experience commenced as a lost process filled with ambiguity and the need to secure an outlet in the society after I graduate. In the middle of this experience, I got to appreciate the learning process and viewed professors as my Google forum instead of grade distributors. My experience is influenced by the need to acquire new knowledge not to excel based on academic standard”.

“I had the mentality that university automatically “changed” things. I thought things wouldn’t be the same for me, I thought they would “change” but little did I know, I’m still ridiculously shy. This supposed change is not for everyone I guess or maybe it just doesn’t happen to lazy people. I have such little time left and I hope this change happens to me so I could make the most of the time I have left. I want to have that “ideal” university experience you know”.

“My university experience has been quite a journey. It hasn’t gone exactly to plan, but so far it has been interesting and eye opening in more ways than one. The diversity and freedom have taught me a lot and I’ve also been able to mature as a person”.

“I was very excited and optimistic about a new educational experience and looked forward to it with one goal; making the best out of my stay there. On my arrival, I developed cold feet and wondered how I was going to identify with anybody. The fact that humans are best at adapting to every new environment skipped my mind but so far, it has kicked in that university truly isn’t what the first year picture showed us. I guess heading for success has a lot of causalities”.

“So far, it has been one trial/test after another. Each one of them, refining me into the person that I need to be to face the real world”.

“My university experience was one word: sucked”.


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