During the summer, iced coffee is my happy place. I almost felt the need to capitalize it there–Iced Coffee–because that’s how highly I feel about it. Even in a busy moment, each sip is like a little pause, rest and reset. And when there’s time to sit and sip it slow…it feels like heaven on earth. All this fuss for some milk and iced cubes thrown into a cup of coffee, you ask? Yes, yes indeed. In fact, I’m going to go on about how much I love Iced Coffee, in the hopes that someone out there gets it 😉

The only teeny problem. (Don’t worry, it’s easily overcome, read on.)

How to make it creamy and sweet and vanilla-y while also healthy?

We think we’ve figured it out–give it a try and let us know what you think!

Ingredients per glass of Iced Coffee:

– 4 oz brewed coffee

– 1 medjool date, pitted

– 1/2 tsp natural vanilla extract

– 1 heaping tsp honey (use Maple Syrup for vegan option)

– 4 ice cubes

– 4 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk


1) Slice the medjool date in half, remove the pit, and place both halves into a cup or mug. Brew coffee directly into the cup containing the date. (The heat of the coffee will soften the date and allow some of the natural sugars to dissolve into the coffee.) Stir the honey and vanilla extract into the still warm coffee, before allowing to cool to at least room temperature.

2) Once the coffee mixture has cooled, add the ice cubes and stir in the almond milk. If you’d like to make this ahead to enjoy at a later time, simply refrain from adding the ice cubes until right before serving, and store in a mason jar in the fridge.

3) The bonus (and best) part: eating the soft, sweet, “coffeed” date at the bottom of the cup!