Dear Readers and Followers of Wingd, we want to use this time to thank you for the continued support you’ve shown to us since our origination, but most especially since the beginning of this year when we revamped ourselves. With that said we want to continue to provide a platform that is as user friendly as possible and to perhaps continue to shed more light into the behind the scenes work that goes on for the website. We would also like to begin to connect with each and everyone one of you individually but we know poco-a-poco (little by little) we’ll get there.

For now, we have a few exciting announcements to make and we hope that you join us in this excitement. First, we have now launched our personal Youtube channel, where we will constantly post videos of interviews, travel diaries, music of local Ottawa artists and many more. We may even post behind the scenes footage of our journey thus far. So to catch and watch all these exciting moments, please subscribe to Wingd’s official Youtube channel. In addition, our very first video posted on Youtube was our promo video, and if you haven’t watched it already, please watch it below.

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Second, we are now proud to announce that we have now launched our very own photography services. From wedding, engagement, fashion, lifestyle, sports and culture photoshoots, you can count on us, we do them all. So, if you live around Ottawa and you will want us to provide any of these services to you, please contact us via our official email address here: We would love to meet you.

Lastly, thank you once again for all of the support you’ve shown to us. We have a few more exciting news to share but we will wait till the time bodes right. But for now, feel free to continue to explore our website each and every day for new content and join us as we celebrate the power of self-expression.

All the best, from the team of Wingd.