As a huge fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show, I am always elated to watch every episode that airs daily just because watching her show brightens my day and most of all because I love watching all the amazing guests Ellen interviews. But one afternoon, an incredible lady, Diana Nyad chose to first appear on the Ellen show instead of other TV shows to talk about her recent accomplishment. Like many people, when her name was announced, it didn’t ring a bell. But when she started her interview with Ellen and described her incredible and amazing story, I realized truly how far women have come in this system we live in. Just watching these two women, gave me a renewed confidence and strength.

If you aren’t familiar with Diana’s story, she’s a 64-year-old long distance swimmer that achieved one of her life long goals of swimming from Cuba to Florida on September 2, 2013. It should be noted, that Diana has previously tried to achieve this goal four times, once in 1978 and three times between 2011-2012, but she wasn’t successful. This incredible woman swam from Cuba to Florida for 53hours (110 miles) without a shark cage, after extensive training during this past year, which eventually saw to her success.

After reading and listening to Diana’s story, it inspired me to write this post and it definitely re-instated the idea that with perseverance, hope, drive, persistence and endurance, anything is possible. Her simple yet beautiful mantra is “find a way”.

So “find a way” to achieve success, to be yourself, to be happy, to be strong, to be content, to be confident … the list goes on. Above all, “find a way” to be great and feel great at being great.

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