Divinely Vegetarian is in itself truly divine. From an ambient atmosphere to delicious meals, this vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/organic restaurant has won the hearts of so many in Centertown Ottawa. On a cold weekday afternoon, I decided to grab a chai tea latte with soy milk from Second cup on Laurier Avenue East, but looking over, I decided I’d check out the vegetarian restaurant very close to the Second Cup Café instead. Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately hit with a calming and stress-free scent, no doubt from incense burning somewhere in a corner of the restaurant, and then my eyes began to settle on the beautiful waitresses dressed in head-to-toe Indian Sarees. I was immediately curious, and began to look around. I checked out their menu, I looked around the restaurant, and finally decided that this would soon become my go-to spot to eat in downtown Ottawa. And honestly, if you decide to try this restaurant out, you won’t be disappointed. From delicious and savoury dishes to sweet treats, they’ve got it all, and their list of beverages just make your mouth water. Since stepping into the restaurant that very first day, I’ve ordered a fried samosa, Indian Dhaal, their daily special, a vegan coconut dream cake, a vegan chocolate cheese cake, ginger brew tea, an organic chai tea latte with soy milk and so much more. With all this said, I’ll urge you to visit Divinely Vegetarian, a restaurant located in downtown Ottawa on 167 Laurier Avenue East, because you won’t be disappointed. For more information, visit the official website of Divinely Vegetarian.