A drone is an unpiloted aerial vehicle; a specialized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is remotely piloted. Although UAVs are mainly used for military surveillance and other remote sensing applications, personal drones, often categorized as autonomous aircrafts, have recently gained popularity in the field of recreational aviation.

An amazing robotic feat, the miniature drones are nicknamed as flying bots or swarm bots. Drones are equipped with payloads. The payloads include wireless communication equipments. They are built for remote sensing, and have inbuilt sensors like cameras and SONAR. For any robotics enthusiast, drones are the perfect getaway to a mechatronix euphoria. Drones have also opened the skies for interplay of innovative propulsion design and intelligently embedded systems.

DIY Drones is a forerunner in developing drone technology. DIY estimates the total worth of drone technology to $91 billion in the coming years. Environmental research, wildlife conservation, search and rescue mission are areas to be benefited by drone culture. Future drone models also have promising applications of data analysis and storage. In addition, drones are chief candidates for flying ad hoc networks, a promising field for research into aerial networks. The next generation drones are expected to proliferate the airspace and share it with commercial aircraft and other air vehicles.

Developers around the world are contributing to the drone movement. Arduino and Raspberry pi are the best embedded development boards to start of with building drone intelligence. DIY drone’s ArduCopter and ArduPlane are perfect for beginners in the drone culture. They are fully autonomous and available in an already assembled state. They also have very excellent support for the embedded code development. In addition, Dronecode is an open source project running in collaboration with Linux Foundation for developing drone technology. It is a good platform for coders to contribute in the development of drone intelligence.

Nonetheless, Canada Drones and Parrot are most preferred retailers for buying fully functional drones. The rules and regulations of drone ethics in Canada are discussed by Transport Canada extensively.

So, get ready to fly them Ottawa, join the coolest flying movement. Off to the sky!