This September will mark the third year I have been living in the city of ottawa, and I have yet to fully discover all its beauty, spots and culture. If you walk near the Parliament or in the Byward Market, you know what I am talking about. The other day, my partner and I wanted to find a restaurant to have a nice, but quick dinner. We said to each other that there were so many restaurants in the market that it would take a whole summer to just experience every type of cuisine offered. We ended up going to one of our go-to places which is called El Furniture Warehouse. Indeed, the name may mislead you into believing it’s a furniture store or home decor shop, but it’s not.

El Furniture Warehouse is one of my favourite places in the city because the food is really good, and most of all it’s very cheap. They have an every day 4.99$ menu where you can have quinoa and green apple salad, quesadillas, taco or burger. If I may add, I truly recommend their spicy beef burger and their fries are to die for. That’s why it makes me sad that the size portion of the fries is so small.

I don’t drink alcohol, but my boyfriend can attest that it’s some pretty good stuff they serve. They have varieties of alcoholic beverages. Their shots are 5.50$ and their cocktails are 6.50$ . So, if you want to have a nice experience, sit at their bar while you eat, and watch their bartender do his/her magic. Also, recently, they opened a rooftop patio, that is something I can’t wait to experience when the weather gets even warmer.


I never felt so comfortable, and at home in a restaurant like I do at the Warehouse. The staff are super friendly, and they really seem to enjoy working together, and being there. I am one who loves fast service due to my years of customer services training, so if it takes too long to get served, I get very irritated. When I am at El Furniture Warehouse, I always feel relaxed because they are quick and efficient. You order, and the food comes within a blink of an eye except on their busy nights, but the wait is still reasonable.

Every time, I go eat there, the atmosphere is different due to the music. The first time I went there was in January of this past year…we were a big group of girls, and they had on 80s and 90s music playing. Someone even turned on the jukebox next to the bar, it was something very special. However, they need to turn down the music a little bit once in a while because sometimes it is hard to have a conversation.


For a fun night with great food, friendly people and good music, take yourself to 77 Clarence St, in the Byward Market where El Furniture Warehouse is located.