Every profession has it’s own share of sleep less nights. This article is just about engineering. Today’s engineering infrastructure is a product of continuous evolution since the beginning of Industrial revolution. The initial boom in manufacturing goods between the first(1840) and second(1870) Industrial Revolution had laid the foundations of continuous production. This was facilitated by a growing demand. The product of this need was large-scale manufacturing. Many industries were a part of this exponential curve: textile manufacturing, metallurgy, steam power, machine-tools, chemical production to name a few.


Continuous production and efficient production  line management keeps our world running today. From clothes to cars and food to internet everything is a result of constant churning of goods.  In images, you can see the changes in production line over the past century. Faster assembly and testing are now possible due to large scale automation. This is a huge advantage. Almost all products are built modularly today.

PCB Assembly Production_2

State of art assembling technology helps manufacturing industry maintain the fast turnout of goods. Although automation and machine equipped builds have expedited the process, human presence is equally important. There is always an engineer monitoring the process. While one part of the world sleeps, your favourite usable item must be in production in other part of the world ! Same is the scenario within the networking industry.  Our high speed internet and continuous connectivity to the internet is due to remarkable network infrastructures. It is the onus of engineers who make sure that non stop traffic is maintained across the network.

Testing and verification is are important pillars of the production process. Every manufactured product goes through a rigorous testing regime. As much as production line is equipped, the testing and verification regime is designed with equal details and run by massive force of engineers. Failures in production lines are dealt with dexterity. To summarize, behind every finished good, there is a dedicated engineer. Stay tuned for more on new production line technologies!