A misunderstood writer from Debrecen, Hungary, Enikő Uzonyi believes that she has to constantly express her thoughts and her feelings through writing. In the past, she would write anywhere and everywhere she could. Only recently did she decide to escape into the world of science fiction and create characters that best reflect her life in her first full-length book titled, “Decision”.

Uzonyi now lives in Budapest and with this transition from her hometown in Debrecen, she was able to draw a host of elements from her personal life to create a book for her generation. She believes that with writing, one is able to sit down and assess life experiences and certain elements from personal relationships. “Everything that I have experienced and everyone I have met influenced me to write [Decision]. Particularly my childhood and my family, my friends…in fact the whole world”, expressed Uzonyi.

Decision is a book that centers on the science fiction world of Madison Moore. A young adult from Montana who in her final year of high school goes through a major phase of some sort of life crisis, unsure of what to do with her future. She finds herself lulling between the familiar boredom of home and thrilling sensations of parties. So, when an enigma of a man, Christopher Wright, transplants into her hometown in Montana, she is instantly reawakened and is determined to define Christopher, as well as make sense of his appearance in Montana. As [Madison and Christopher] begin to grow closer and spend some time getting to know each other, Madison soon realizes that an alteration to her dormant life is occurring, and she becomes all too aware that Christopher is not only an enigma but also a linkage to another realm.

“All the major worries and doubts of a generally turbulent and transitional period of young adulthood are condensed within a couple of weeks, and in a moment of crisis, Madison’s new life emerges just like the unknown symbol, the black mark that appears on her arm. Decision is a one of a kind love-story with a touch of the supernatural, containing traditional elements of coming of age novels at the same time”, expressed Uzonyi about the premise of her book.

With the digital age expanding and audience on cyberspace constantly multiplying, it is no secret that interpersonal relationships and face-to-face interactions have been suffering. People feel a little bit more secure and comfortable talking to someone online without having to meet him or her. This is the same feeling a lot of writers get. They oftentimes believe that no one understands them first-hand, in person or when they speak, and the only method of expression they feel comfortable with is writing…writing their thoughts and their feelings either on print or online. This formula has worked for some of the greatest writers in the world, and Uzonyi is no different. She believes that she can communicate better either behind a pen or a keyboard and [Decision] is the product of that courage and freedom of expression. She wholeheartedly knows that this is the best form of expression that best suits her, thus, why not support her? Why not read all that she has to say?

You can support her by purchasing her book titled, Decision, at Barnes&Noble.

A very interesting read: Decision by Eniko Uzonyi
Decision by Eniko Uzonyi