If anyone ever tells you that either black or white isn’t suitable for fall, you should stay away from that person because s/he wants to jeopardize your fall closet. Granted, it’s fun to wear colours, especially dark ones for the season, but a little noir et blanc; black and white combination would never hurt – it would do anyone justice. I personally swear by black and white, there’s just something about the colours that exudes class and I absolutely love that. I really don’t know what I’d do without these colours in my life. I find that they give room for experimentation, with either accessories or makeup. Since they give you such luxury, why not wear them this fall?

Noir et blanc in walking style
Sleeveless Coat: Asos | Boohoo | Missguided | River Island | Zara

With the outfits I’m showcasing in this article, I decided to prove that they are fantastic colours to wear this season. Of course you can always incorporate other colours but I wanted to show that the two colours work just fine when paired together. I put together an outfit that can easily be changed from a daytime look to a night look by changing one clothing item. For the day look, I paired a sleeveless coat with a turtleneck sweater, white jeans and white sandals. I am absolutely loving sleeveless coats right now. They literally give my outfits life and pull them together nicely. I got this one made for me but I’ve found some alternatives for you (check the links below the images of the outfit).

I swapped the coat for a leather jacket and voila, a new outfit was born! This is a perfect nighttime look; it’s simple yet classy and chic. You can wear it as is or you can drape a fall coat over your shoulders in the event that it’s a colder night. Considering how bipolar our weather can be, we never really know these days so it’s better to go with the boy’s scout motto – be prepared!

You can achieve a beautiful fall look with the noir et blanc style

Find alternatives for the rest of the outfit on the following websites:

Jacket: Asos | H&M

Jeans: Missguided

Sandals: Asos

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Peace and Love.