BIG announcement. I made it to the World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) that occurred in Toronto from the 19th to the 23rd of this month. It is a semi-annual event with a concept has always piqued my interest. Reason being that it provides local designers with a platform to showcase their collection thereby creating awareness amongst the general public like us; hence the captivating slogan “wear Canadian made”.

Moments leading up to the event, I never thought I’d make it there. Everything just seemed to be going downhill, and it was too good to be true to begin with, so I just gave in to pessimism. It didn’t dawn on me that I was going to the WMCFW until I got out of bed at 5am on Wednesday to make my 7:30am train. Of course, I had planned for the event; I started ages ago but the plans became solid in summer. Even at that, it didn’t sink in until that faithful morning. Like every other person, I was fashionably late for my train (not late enough to miss it, thankfully) because I was trying to make sure I had everything in my suitcases (‘suitcases’ you might wonder, I took 2 for a 3-day trip, crazy!) since I didn’t have a lot of time to pack.

I didn’t need a lot of time, to be honest, because I had already picked out my outfits way before I got tickets to the event, so all I had to do was organize them in my suitcases. I boarded my 7:30am train at 7:28am and that moment marked the beginning of an amazing experience/journey. I was ecstatic and all through the train ride, as tired as I was, I couldn’t contain the excitement even while I was asleep. I knew it was going to be a memorable experience, and indeed it was. I arrived at Toronto with enough time to get a few hours of sleep before my first show at 9pm.

I kicked off fashion week with the Mackage show and it was truly amazing. Mackage is a brand known for its outerwear, however, in the collection that was showcased, there was much more than outerwear. They had different pieces like skirts, crop tops, dresses, pants, and I especially loved the pieces with the net-like material, as they were unique. The show turned out to be a fantastic one and the night, great. By the end of it all, I was ready to go to bed and get some rest before the next day’s activities.

My second day at WMCFW was a lot easier because I was better at navigating through the venue and I knew not to wait 2 minutes before show time to go into the showroom. I saw Ashtiani at 5pm and Hong Kiyoung at 9pm. I was particularly interested in Ashtiani because of the symmetry, pattern and choice of fabric that I had seen while looking through the website. For their new collection, their choice of bright and solid colours that lit the studio was impeccable. It had more of a feminine vibe as opposed to the eccentric and ethereal one it had when I looked through their collection online. Hong Kiyoung, on the other hand, was very street-style focused. The incorporation of big pins, belts and bold statements was quite entertaining. This show was my last at the WMCFW, and it was saddening. I had a great experience overall and I got the chance to meet some great people.

I depended on my iPhone to take pictures of some of the pieces but the lights in the showroom didn’t do too well with my iPhone so pardon the quality. I apologize for them.