Daniel Thompson, a young aspiring fashion designer based in Toronto is one whose story I find interesting and truly inspiring. His story struck me as a perfect piece that is worth sharing with our readers because we all have those times in our lives when uncertainties rise, and we end up being faced with hard choices and indecisiveness. Just like every one of us, he is working very hard for something he undoubtedly believes in and is passionate about. I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel to interview him and delve into his story a little bit.

Tell us a little about yourself

DT: I am Daniel Thompson and I’m Nigerian born. I moved to Canada, Toronto to be precise, four years ago to study law and found my true passion, which happened to be fashion, half way. I’m currently a part of the Art Starts’ Sew What program as one of the aspiring fashion designers intending to go off to a fashion school soon.

Where did your fashion story begin? And What is your fashion story so far? 

DT: Fashion has always been a passion of mine, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I picked up a sewing machine in December last year when I got fed up with what I was studying at school and wanted to use it as a way to relieve stress and get in touch with my creative side. I was basically a novice at the time, so I watched YouTube sewing tutorials religiously, and always taught myself how to sew until I found out about the Art Starts’ Sew What program. I joined the program in the summer session and we were to create two garments for a runway show at the end of the session. I ended up making 7 pieces, not because I wanted to prove a point but because I loved to explore the design possibilities, those were the pieces in my portfolio that got me into fashion school.

What motivated you to go into fashion designing?

DT: I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. When I had to choose careers in the 10th grade, I chose fashion designing. This was to the astonishment of my mum, but now she tells stories today about how she’s always known and how I would hand sew all of my uniforms in order to make them slim fit. It just took a while for me to realize that this was what I truly wanted and to take the first step because I knew I only had to push myself further to achieve my goals.

You said you created 7 pieces. What inspired them? Are there stories behind all your pieces?

DT: If I said I had an inspiration behind any of my pieces I’d be lying. I honestly just create whatever comes to me and I’m focused on mastering the techniques. That being said, I’m very inspired by Alexander McQueen, as seen in my grey dress that has the gorgeous blue lining {laughs}. I’m also very inspired by Christian Siriano- the textures as well as the silhouettes of his garments.

I once read that you were studying something completely different in Ryerson, is this true?

DT: Yes, it is very true. I was studying arts and contemporary studies with a law and criminology minor. It’s not that it was hard, it’s just that I wanted to do something else with my life, I wanted to do something fun. I was just tired of not being happy and that’s why I decided to pursue fashion since it was always my passion.

How were you able to make the big change and what was it like being a first timer in the fashion program?

DT: When I joined the Sew What program, it felt like home. It felt like everything in my life had been leading up to that moment. I would come home after class and sew all night. I liked the thrill and it was exciting and fulfilling. I start fashion school in October and I can’t wait to see what that’s like and what is in store for me.

Where do you hope to be in about 5-10 years from now? What are your aspirations?

DT: In 5-10years, I see myself in Paris designing for one of couturiers or having my own runway shows and selling out clothes, dream big right? {Laughs} I aspire to be better than I am right now in this moment.

Before we come to the end of this interview, what important thing would you like people to know about your pieces and what should they expect from you?

DT: I create all my pieces; they all have my blood, sweat and tears in them (not literally of course!), and I like to keep it that way because they are very special to me. I design and create them based on anything that pops up in my head. That said, it’s hard to have expectations for my designs because I create different things and my mind is always racing, so I don’t even know what I’ll do next. However, expect to see my first show within the next six months, I’m hopeful.

Take a look at a few of Daniel’s creations in the photo gallery below: