One thing I don’t regret this past summer is the many restaurants that I had the chance to take a bite out of. Of all of them, I was pretty excited to try out one restaurant in particular. For the past few months, I’ve heard rave reviews about it in the city. But I’ve never had a chance to eat there since I had no idea where it was. I know what you are thinking…I should have just looked it up online; we are in the 21st century after all.  I was just lazy to simply search online. However, one day I kind of stumbled upon it by accident. I never noticed that it was a mere two minutes walk away from my new workplace.

What restaurant am I talking about…you ask? It’s called ‘Father and Sons‘. Indeed, every time that I was suggested a great spot for breakfast, I was always referred to this restaurant. So, in the middle of September, I took everyone’s advice and brought one of my girl pals for a girl’s day out and we wanted to start with a good meal from Father and Sons (F&S).

Two words: Breakfast Poutine! Best thing that I ever ate in my life (except from my mom’s cooking of course). It’s a small plate, but the amount of food is ridiculously awesome for the price that I paid. Instead of fries, you get breakfast potatoes and on top of it you get scrambled eggs. You might think it’s a strange combination, but you must try it. Remember, never judge a book by its cover. Anyways, best 7.64$ that I ever spent in my life. My friend got one of their omelette meals and she loved it as well. When she wasn’t looking, I took a bit (ok two bites) out of it. Pretty good. They do have good food at a reasonable price. I recommend that you go there anytime you need a food break from work or school, you’ll be way fuller there than eating at Tim Horton’s or a restaurant in the food court at Rideau Mall – which are all close in proximity to Father and Sons.

However, even if the food is quite great, the service is not as awesome. Our server was nice, but that day was clearly not his day. It took us about 15 mins to get his attention to ask him for a glass of water. Then, about 30 minutes later, he still hadn’t given us the glasses we had requested and so we had to remind him. He finally brought us some water, but he only brought one glass. I understand that things can get busy, but some mistakes will cost you your tips in my book. (Oh, calm down, we did give him a generous tip-even for a not so good service). Like one of my colleagues would say, “you go to F&S for the cheap breakfast and not for their service’.

Anyways, I really enjoyed going to eat there, and by the following week of my initial visit, I took my partner out for lunch. This time, I didn’t like what I ordered. The food (some type of chicken meal) was so dry and I didn’t get enough fries (I can never get enough fries), but the service was much better. So, in other words, you never know what to expect when you go there. It’s a hit-and-miss half the time. Nonetheless, it’s always good to expect the unexpected. So if that’s your type of thing, definitely visit F&S.

Want to go grab a nice breakfast or lunch, take yourself to: 112 Osgoode Street near the University of Ottawa, where Father and Sons (F&S) is located.

IMAGE CREDIT: Hernan Pinera