One of Ottawa’s biggest music festivals has come and gone, sadly. The 12-day festival that kicked off on the 8th of July came to an end last weekend, on July 19th. As expected, it was incredible and I have nothing but great things to say about the festival. The music was phenomenal and everyone was excited and couldn’t care less about the fickle Ottawa weather, but nonetheless, the amazing festivalgoers did not cease to bring their A-games with respect to Fashion. I had an opportunity to be one of the festivalgoers during this year’s bluesfest festival as I was recruited to be a part of the Style Squad. As I previously mentioned in Festival Season: I Love #RBCBluesfest Fashion, there was a fashion campaign – I Love #RBCBluesfest Fashion Campaign – that was spearheaded by Julie Beun herself this year. The campaign turned out to be a great success, considering it was the first of its kind – Way to go Ottawa! The festival’s limited edition merchandise by Kania Collection did incredibly well as many of the pieces got sold out in the first few days of the festival. The success rate was impressive and we are all hoping there would be more to come in the future. I, alongside one of my girlfriends, went on specific days as part of the Style Squad and as representatives of Wingd to take photos of every fashionable festivalgoer, and I could tell that everyone was having a great time. From the presence of fashion trucks, to merchandise/fashion tents, makeup tents with free makeup touchups and glitter tattoos, VIP sections with a variety of services and several food vendors on site, Bluesfest 2015 was definitely one to remember! I hope you all had a memorable experience because, personally, I had a blast. Until next time Bluesfest!

Before you leave, here are some pictures that were taken.

Photo Credit: @loriettanmuse