Film Title: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Director: Kirk Jones

Actors: Nia Vardalos,  John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin, Michael Constantine, Elena Kampouris…

Toula (Vardalos) works in the family restaurant owned by her father, Gus (Michael Constantine) after her travel agency has been closed off. She lives with her husband, Ian (Corbett),  the principal of the school their daughter, Paris (Kampouris) goes to.  Paris is on her way to college, but needs to decide if she will choose to apply to a school close to home or one far away from her family. On top of that, her parents are having problems in their relationship as well as her grandparents whom discover that after fifty years of marriage, they are not legally married….

When I was about 8 years old, I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding with my mother. I remember that my mother and I had a blast watching that movie because it was funny and it made me discover a new culture that I didn’t know a lot about. Indeed, I agree the movie was playing a lot with stereotypes since we can see that certain aspects of the Greek community were exaggerated. I know many people might not be happy about that, but I love it because we get the sense of how deeply loving this community is, but mostly how family can be great. They were loud and overbearing, but which family isn’t. I know I could relate, and picture my family in most of the scene. I promise you the movie will not disappoint you; it is completely hilarious and heartwarming.  I was crying of laughter at almost every scene and holding back tears towards the end.

I must say that the actors were amazing, we believe every line they said and every move they made. I believed that I was watching a real Greek family so it was a shock for me when I discovered that some of the cast members were not Greek at all like Andrea Martin who plays Aunt Voula. In the first movie, Aunt Voula had a more absent role with a couple hilarious lines. However, in the sequel, she is more present and more hilarious than ever. So, after doing some research, I found out that she is not Greek, but Armenian. She played the part so well; I guess that is why she is a great actress. Also, another member of the Portokalos who isn’t Greek was the mother played by Lainie Kazan who is of Russian descent. That doesn’t change a fact, that I couldn’t imagine anyone better to play the part. In honesty, it is an awesome cast; they have chemistry and they are lovable.

The movie is a great watch with family or friends for a night of fun, and laughter. I do not normally love sequels, especially when they are made after a long period of time, but this one was offered up pure joy, and served as a good story.

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