Film title: Figurine (Araromire) – 2009

Director: Kunle Afolayan

Starring: Ramsey Noah, Kunle Afolayan, Omoni Oboli, Funlola Aofiyebi

Language: English


The-Figurine-Movie (1)SUMMARY

Two friends serving at a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camp in a remote village, come across an abandoned mystical sculpture that was buried in the forest. After conferring with their professor, it was discovered that the sculpture is – from the Yoruba goddess Araromire – believed to bestow seven years of good luck and seven years of bad luck on anyone who encounters it. This film is about the adventure of the two friends, a love triangle and the extensive belief in mythology.



In an industry where Nigerian films and screenplays are changing to depict and mirror a modernized world, it is very refreshing to see this film go back in time and exhibit a more traditional life that is often associated with the Nigerian cultures. While watching this film, I was not sure what to expect but I was indeed surprised from start to finish. Before watching it, I was aware that it had gained raves and praise from critics, and it had scored 5 awards from the African Movie Academy Awards back in 2010. Yet, I was not itching to watch it, just because, I am not a  fan of the “new modernized” Nollywood (Nigerian film Industry).

Nonetheless, I eventually got the chance to watch this film very recently and it honestly deserves praise on so many levels, because first, the cinematography is excellent – a budget well spent! I also noticed that the film editing was remarkably done as the unexpected twist and surprise at the end can never be guessed. However, I do have an issue with the acting because I think some of the female actors could have portrayed more believable characters, but the shining star from this group of actors is definitely Ramsey Noah. He plays such a complex character – Femi – so well that it is hard to separate the character and the actor.The music and score used for this film, also deserves high praise, because the dissonant harmony, instruments and whistling (percussion) – all make the theme song of this film engaging and extraordinary. The theme song almost has this nostalgic effect, that will create an emotional attachment with the viewers.

Overall, this film is a must watch for all the people that love a more traditional Nigerian film, as opposed to what is being produced presently from the Nollywood Industry.

Watch the trailer below:


You can also watch the full film, “The Figurine” on Youtube.

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