It is officially summer and I have the awkward tan lines to prove it!

With the beautiful, sunny, summer weather upon us, it’s time for everyone to get up, and get outside (or for those who have been in hibernation, just up!). I’ve created a list of fun May events that are sure to keep you busy this month. I hope you enjoy them!

1. Latin American Film Festival (April 25-May 9)

I’m sure film lovers will not want to miss the Latin American Film Festival that showcases different short films and documentaries. This would be a good event to go to with friends, you may end up meeting fellow foreign film lovers while you’re at it! Visit the events website at to purchase tickets for the Latin American Film Festival.

 2. Canadian Tulip Festival (May 8-18)

My personal favorite, the Ottawa Tulip Festival that comes to the city for only 10 days, features millions of tulips that are simply exquisite. For those looking for a nice walk through the city with their family and/or friends, the Ottawa Tulip Festival offers beauty beyond compare.

 3. Ottawa ComicCon (May 8-10)

Ottawa ComicCon features different things such as comic books, games, horror, anime, collectibles etc. There will be many special guests, artists and contests at the convention and if you are wondering if any of your favorites will be featured, you can check out the Ottawa ComicCon website.

4. Ottawa International Children’s Festival (May 4-13)

This one is for the kiddies! Featuring performances to encourage the arts to children, the Ottawa International Children’s Festival is a great event for anyone with children between the ages of 4-15 to attend with their families. There will also be workshops and activities! If you’re interested in getting tickets for any of the shows, make sure to check out the Ottawa International Children’s Festival website.

 5. Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend (May 23-24)

Ready to run? The Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is only a couple of weeks away – so if you haven’t started training, you better start now! A great opportunity to support some great charities and stay fit at the same time, you can find out more information at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend’s website.

I hope you enjoyed this list and hopefully the great weather pushes us all to get outside and do new things! Let us know in the comments below about the events you attend this month. Have a great one!